Biology is a natural science, together with chemistry and physics, and it is taught in schools … Individuals with a PhD in biology usually will have acquired extensive skill sets in hands-on laboratory work, data analysis, research, ethical and social issues, and biomedical informatics. Minimum requirements for entrance to schools that offer a PhD in biology are that students have a bachelor’s degree, which may or may not be in biology. They may prefer students …
Just because we are graduating more PhD students each year does not mean that universities will grow their departments and faculty accordingly.
In the United States, about 12,500 students obtained a PhD degree in 2014. It could be in a closely related field, and in almost all cases, must have a life science focus. Some schools only admit those students with a biology undergraduate degree, and a few colleges are more demanding.

2 While in the 1970s more than 50% of PhDs in biology successfully transitioned to a faculty position, this number currently is less than 15%. Jobs for a PhD in Biology Biology PhD graduates have earned the highest level of education in the study of natural science and are typically eligible for a broad field of possible career paths.

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