Every time we drive to school, use our heater or air conditioner, clean our windows, or even style our hair, we make choices that affect air pollution. After all, breathing in clean air …

Highlights 2019. Accelerated ageing and respiratory problems are among the most serious health impacts of air pollution across the UK and worldwide.

Second EU Clean Air Forum The Clean Air Forum 2019 took place on 28 and 29 November in Bratislava. “All of the recommendations that we are seeing, even from states that are in shelter-in-place are encouraging people to get out and go on walks, just keep distance. Cleaner air for all Every year, more than 400 000 people in the EU die prematurely due to the consequences of air pollution: this is more than 10 times the toll of road traffic accidents. Another 6.5 million people fall sick as air pollution causes diseases such as strokes, asthma and bronchitis.

Via this website, you can find more information on what the European Union is doing to reduce national air pollution emissions as well as air pollution from the main sources, and thus improve air quality. The dangers of pollution are well documented. Blue skies, clean air: how the coronavirus lockdown is rejuvenating our environment . As Delhis air pollution remains at hazardous levels, weve listed 6 natural ways to purify at home and 10 quick tips to get rid of potentially harmful contaminants. These steps, as well as many others, are things we all can do to help reduce air pollution. Conserve energy – remember to turn off lights, computers, and electric appliances when not in use Thom Carter, executive director of Utah Clean Air Partnership, hopes this period of clean air won’t be lost on Utahns who are trying to stay home.

London reached the legal pollution limit for the entire year just a month into 2018, yet air inside our homes and offices can often be more polluted than the air outside.

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