The Google Books Ngram corpus is the largest publicly available collection of linguistic data in existence. Ngram, Google Books, Google Trends), ou d’autres bases (Gallica, Europresse et Néoveille). The Google Ngram Viewer is a free tool that allows anyone to make queries about diachronic word usage in several languages based on Google Books' large corpus of linguistic data.

However, sometimes you need an aggregate data over the dataset. The Google Books Ngram Viewer dataset is a freely available resource under a Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported License which provides ngram counts over books scanned by Google.

The fact that it's a google survey doesn't seem especially important, but you can probably find a good review article on methodological considerations for Web based surveys. Contribution à l’histoire d’un lieu commun : l’attribution à Chateaubriand de la phrase ” les forêts précèdent les peuples, les déserts les suivent ”: Un exemple d’utilisation du logiciel Google Books Ngram Viewer. This tool is the Ngram Viewer, based on yearly count of n-grams. For example to build a co-occurrence matrix.

To cite this version: Jean-Michel Le Bot. As we will show in this paper, although it seems suitable just for literary works, it can be useful for scientific researches, not only for history of science, but also for acquiring references often unknown to researchers.

If you designed the survey and this is the first paper in which you discuss the results, then you don't need to cite it you need to present it as original research with all the detail that requires. L’outil de visualisation d’occurrences de Google, Google Ngram, a de quoi faire rêver les littéraires comme les curieux du net.La plateforme, qui permet de recenser la fréquence d’apparition de certains termes dans le corpus gigantesque de Google Books, est de plus en plus fréquemment utilisée dans des recherches académiques. The data is so big, that storing it is almost impossible.

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Deux objectifs principaux seront poursuivis : 1Cette notation signifiera pour le reste de l'article : un nom ou un adjectif suivi d'une espace et de façon facultative d'un trait d'union, suivi d'une forme verbale anglaise en -ing.

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