For management accounting, the requirement is a lot less rigid. Your college advisor can help you plan your course of study to meet the credit hours and other requirements. However, the courses of study you choose are far more important than if you have a finance or accounting degree. Más, it’s never going to be easier. Although requirements vary by state, they typically include minimum education (usually a bachelor’s degree in accounting) and experience requirements, plus passing the CPA exam. It’s not easy to get your CPA license without an accounting degree, but it is completely doable. First, students should earn a bachelor's degree in accounting.To become a CPA, a student must have 150 semester hours of education. You just need a college degree and a certain amount of course work in accounting.

So, I’m living proof that a non-accounting major can become a Certified Public Accountant. But in reality, this isn’t true. Having an accounting degree isn’t mandatory to become a CPA, but it can make things easier. A Certified Public Accountant (CPA) is an accountant who has met state licensing requirements. If you want to do accounting, you can’t do it without any knowledge of accounting - even if you are not going for a full college degree, you need to know common terms and concepts (even if you do self-study). CPA Degree Programs and Courses. Whether you can become a CPA without an accounting degree depends on where you live, though the process can be very difficult. The Certified Management Accountant (CMA) certification, for example, welcomes bachelor degree holders in any discipline. Most states are moving toward a 150-hour Master’s degree in accounting requirement to become a CPA. When you’re looking at job applications, you’ll still see employers recommend that you should have a degree. These professions don’t require any post-secondary education. Undergraduate Curriculum All state and jurisdiction Boards of Accountancy require CPA candidates to have a bachelor’s degree at minimum with 150 semester hours of credit. A degree recognised by CPA Australia must be at least equivalent to Australian bachelor degree level. That way, you can get all the credit hours you need without having to pay separate tuition for graduate school. However, since I earned the CPA, the state boards of accountancy have tweaked their requirements and consequently increased the difficulty of earning the CPA for non-accounting majors. You can become a CPA without an accounting degree In many states you don't need a BA or BS in accounting to sit for the CPA exam. My recommendation is to go for it. To determine whether your qualification is comparable to an Australian degree, CPA Australia uses standards issued by the Australian Government Department of Education and … Eventually, all states will require a bachelor’s degree in accounting to sit for the exam. But, I managed to become a CPA by taking extra courses. If you want to become a CPA without going to grad school, one option to consider is earning a double major as an undergrad. The Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) designation has even more flexible exam requirement. CPA VS Accountant . Many licensed, practicing CPAs have degrees in things like finance or economics, so becoming a CPA without an accounting degree is indeed possible. To become a CPA, you must have a degree.

States typically require two years of accounting experience and 150 college credits to become CPA eligible. A lot of people think an accounting degree is required to become a CPA.

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