Many people who aren’t at the top 10 percent of their class do just fine and have stellar law careers. Assuming you had some reason (perhaps a bold assumption), try … Law School Admissions - Getting Into Law School. Nearly everyone in your class scored about the same on the LSAT, had the same undergrad GPA. Starting slow doesn’t mean you won’t succeed in your legal career. Law schools want students from a wide variety of backgrounds and majors. You are literally going to school with a narrow band of people that are as close to you as you can get. Because of this, if you’re the only physicist in your application class, you have a much higher chance of getting into law school than the 300 th candidate with a business degree. I spent the early weeks of my first year of law school talking to my classmates about their future goals. But if you graduate in the bottom 10 percent, the reality is that these jobs usually won't be there for you. In fact, 90 percent of law students are not in the top 10 percent of their class.

Crazy right? Most of us enter law school with dreams of six-figure salaries. Class rank is reevaluated each grading period, whether that is semesters or trimesters at your school.

It’s easy to lose track of what brought you to law school to begin with. If you can only get in to a lower ranked school — which is the case for most people — graduating at the top of your class and doing extra-curriculars like journals or clinics can help. If there are 500 people in your class and your class rank is 235, then 234 of your classmates have a higher GPA than you, 265 classmates have a lower GPA than you, and you are in the top half of your class. So if you get a low-paying job offer, consider taking it, building up your experience, and spinning it into a better-paying job.

The thing about law school is that you have already been sorted. The first year of law school is annoying for many reasons: most of your classes are required; the workload is heavy; it can be tedious, and so on. Law schools offer a range of programs to fit your career ambitions and schedule. The bad news is that unless you’re just starting undergrad, your GPA is … So when you say you're smarter than 70% of people, it's really just a crapshoot. Top 50 Law Schools So, you rocked your college grades, steamrolled the LSAT, impressed/conned/bribed your professors into writing outstanding recommendation letters, crafted the perfect law school resume, and rounded out all of that perfection with an ideal theme for your … If you want a good chance of getting into a certain law school, your LSAT score and GPA should be at or above the LSAT and GPA medians of that school.

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