The muscles which power the fingers are strong - strong enough for some people to climb vertical surfaces supporting their entire weight at times by a few fingertips. Thayer's Greek Lexicon. I hesitate to say never, but I believe the answer is no. cheiropoiétos: made by hand. Get hands-on with this affordable, integrated A&P lab manual. Similar types of keratin also make up human hair, the scales and claws of reptiles, and the feathers, claws, and beaks of birds. 5499. cheiropoiétos Strong's Concordance. Both the human hand and foot represent a triumph of complex engineering. But let’s take a hen’s egg. Now let’s take a skull. Original Word: χειροποίητος, ... human hands (1), made by human hands (1), made with hands (4), performed (1). It’s surprisingly difficult; most people cannot manage it. In athletics, grip strength is critical for rock climbers and in competitions such as the World's Strongest Man. Ever done that trick where you try to crush an egg in one hand? Grip strength is a general term also used to refer to the physical strength of an animal and, for athletes, to the muscular power and force that can be generated with the hands. ... At one extreme is the impressive strength of a climbers' hands.

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