The first step is to get an appropriate topic for the speech. This video is unavailable. Thesis: The buildup of Animal Agriculture is a great destruction to our planet and our species. We should use algae to make oil instead of drilling. The best examples for air pollution are some of the cities like Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, Kanpur, and Cuttack and the burning example for water pollution is the … Pollution is global problem and we need to be concerned about it. See this page for a full list of Environmental Persuasive Speech Topics. How pollution is negatively affecting humanity. Pollution Speech 2. Watch Queue Queue Pollution is a very key aspects which can be very harmful to humanity in a negative wy To begin with, The pollution has introduce items which are very harmful to human survival , these chemical have led to death of the individual in the society , the chemicals introduced in air leads to … All types of pollution are detrimental to human health and wildlife and contribute to climate change, which puts the entire planet in danger. Ask for details ... We are creating noise pollution as we produce unwanted noise and make our heads ache . How pollution is negatively affecting humanity.

We should keep our community clean. Why we shouldn’t use disposable diapers. We need to invest more in alternative fuels. In the following paragraphs, we will enumerate the consequences of releasing pollutants in the environment. Date Submitted on Persuasive Speech [Assignment 3] 29 October 2014[Part-time] 31 October 2014 [Full-time] Week 2 Assignment title Persuasive Speech [Social Problems] (20%) Learning Objective Learning Outcome Evidence (Page no) To provide students a platform to apply techniques of delivering a persuasive speech. Why we shouldn’t use disposable diapers. The theory of global warming, or “greenhouse effect” has been a popular bugaboo for many years and still is supported by the majority of scientific and political authorities all over the world. Watch Queue Queue. Persuasive Speech Topics Persuasive speech refers to a particular type of speech in which the speaker has the objective of persuading the audience to accept his or her perspective. Good morning to the Sir, Madam, and my dear colleagues. The whole world needs to know about pollution and take steps to reduce it, because the negative effects of pollution are serious and potentially fatal. The main types of pollution are water pollution, air pollution, soil pollution and sound pollution. How does pollution affect humans? Why hydraulic fracturing should be banned. Hybrid cars are good for the environment. Hybrid cars are good for the environment. Why hydraulic fracturing should be banned. All of them are harmful to people’s health.

1628 Words | 7 Pages. The maps displays the NO 2 pollution-associated increases in risk of having heart attacks, heart surgery, and/or dying due to coronary heart disease among the elderly (age 65+) for residential land parcels in West, Downtown, and East Oakland. Environmental pollution is happening in many parts of the world, especially in the form of air and water pollution. We should keep our community clean. As we have gathered here to celebrate this event, I have selected this special topic to open in front of you in the favor of humanity. We should use algae to make oil instead of drilling. Use phosphate-free and chlorine-free laundry detergent and use baking soda or environmentally friendly cleaning agents instead of products with hazardous chemicals. It affects billions of people across the globe, killing and poisoning millions. View ELC590 PS TEMPLATE (030918) haffiz.doc from ELC 590 at Universiti Teknologi Mara. ... Pollution is negatively affecting humanity. Persuasive Speech air pollution in malaysia. How does pollution negatively affect humanity? Speech on Pollution: Here we are providing Speech on Pollution Mission in English Langauge for student & competitive Examiner with given as per the time limit 3 minutes, 5 minutes, 7 minutes per your requirement select the speech. We cause most of the pollution and we will suffer the consequences if we don’t stop. to us and our planet. My name is … I study in class … I would like to speech today on the topic of pollution in India. So help be the solution to ocean pollution so we can all enjoy beautiful beaches and a bright blue The Consequences of Pollution. ELC590 TEMPLATE: PREPARATION OUTLINE PERSUASIVE SPEECH Student’s Name : AHMAD NOR HAFFIZ B ABD RAHMAN Matric Pollution is a global problem According to the Blacksmith Institute, 25 percent of all deaths in developing countries are directly attributed to pollution to the environment.

The latest technological advances have been often making people forget about the existing problems. 10 Ethics Persuasive Speech Topics

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