Bear in mind that average proofreading rates per word will vary depending on the type of project you’re dealing with.

On fiverr, I charge $5/1000words but when the client wants me to format it to a printable and publishable format, I charge extra $5/1000words. Prices are all over the map, so I’m happy to provide some ballpark estimates for different types of editing service rates. How to set your freelance editing rate (in 5 steps) Step 1: Research the market. It’s important to keep in mind that some editors charge a flat fee per project, some charge hourly, some charge by page count, and some charge by word count. Copy editing or line editing per 100 words: 75 cents to $1 Copy editing focuses on grammar and spelling, and line editing focuses on paragraph structure, flow, word choice, voice and readability. On average, our proofreaders charge $0.01067 per word. Don’t worry, though. Freelancers are, essentially, entrepreneurs. Copy editing and line editing are two distinct services. To some people this seems too ridiculously small, some clients still think it's expensive. Either way, just know your worth and charge accordingly.

With the help of Reedsy’s most experienced freelance editors, this next section will give you a process for determining how much to charge.

How much does an editor cost?

The proofreading rate per word ranges from $0.0095 to $0.0125, depending on the book's genre.

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