It depends on the font, and it's size, along with the number of paragraphs/tabs, etc. After all, I queried Among the Red Stars at 82,000 words and I never received any feedback saying it was too long. But first you’ll want to know approximately how many pages your finished book will have. (I'll guess that this was about 50/50 writing versus editing.) 280000/4KB = 69 pages (we're in the computers topic, right?)

Even the complexity of the words you use affects how many words are on a page. Calculate book page count using the word count from your Word document. So how many pages is that if you were to print your book? At 220 pages, paperback, it's about 55,000 words, but I'll bet it has at least as much plot as a modern novel of 75,000 words, and probably more. Tweet. Wondering how many Word pages equal a book page? How many pages is 7500 words? 7500 words single spaced is around 15 pages, while … Roughly 250 (words per page), times the amount of pages makes 75,000 words. Because instead of wasting verbige on extended descriptions that add nothing to the story, it sticks to the subject. How many pages is 8000 words? Here’s a simple way to calculate your book’s approximate page count using the word count of your manuscript. You’ve finished your manuscript (or nearly finished it!) The pay will be Rs 80 per 750 words. Worry about word length. You 50,000 word manuscript may be half the page length of another authors 50,000 word manuscript. Why? If you're a wordy writer, you may have pages with a lot more than that. Pages by Word Count Use our handy table to discover how many pages a given word count yields, single or double spaced, in Times New Roman or Arial 12 point font.

A couple of problems might be at work here. If you mean text words and 8.5x11" pages, then about 120 pages single-spaced size 12, depending on font width. See more: convert pages to words, how many pages is 400 words, book page calculator, how many pages is 300 words, how many words per page, how many pages is 1500 words double spaced, how many pages is 1000 words double spaced, how many pages is 500 words, $1 500 words, I need you to write some articles on online products.

If the page size is 4KB, then 70000 words will occupy about. 17 months later, the draft manuscript was ready, at 75,000 words. 70000 words * 4bytes/word = 280000 bytes. We explain two easy methods to estimate your book's page count: 1) use one of our simple formulas as a book page count calculator, or 2) use our InDesign template to experiment. Before our book page count calculator, you had to dig around through multiple sources to figure out how many words per page for your exact font size and then do the math. It’s too much hassle and time-consuming– time you could’ve spent refining and perfecting your book content. and you’re ready to get some quotes for book design and printing.

Today’s question is from Sheila, who says, “An agent just requested my novel proposal, and asked about the word count. Convert Words to Pages. Many seem too low (as low as 40,000 words minimum, or 160 pages), a few seem too high (up to 150,000), and the most common range cited (50,000-80,000) seems too narrow. Without a good reason, for a non-fiction book I would try to keep your book less than 75,000 words because people just don’t have time to sit and read for long stretches of time and your readers are less likely to finish your book the longer it gets.

This tool is useful when writing essays at university to determine how many pages you are required to write. (This was writing from scratch, with a lot of editing.)

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