The statement confused Voldemort long enough that he was unable to dodge a stunner from Dumbledore. Quirrell had …

He was born on September 1972 or earlier according to wiki and died in … Quirrell was Harry's DADA teacher in first year. "Oh but you forget, Voldemort, that the last letter of your name is silent." There's so much on the Harry Potter Wiki. The story of Quirinus Quirrell from the Harry Potter franchise Quirinus Quirrell was born on September 26, 1972, or earlier, somewhere in the British Isles, to one Muggle (non-magical) parent and a witch or wizard, and was considered very gifted and delicate as a child.

Name the class these teachers at Hogwarts teach.
The awkward moment when your DADA teacher turns into a Death Eater.

Or are you done hiding behind your friends and family?" Apparently he took a year-long sabbatical to get "first-hand" experience on muggles, but was actually searching for whatever was left of Voldemort.

Professor Quirrell is the Defence Against the Dark Arts teacher.

Remember when my DADA teacher turned into a Death Eater? If there is one point which Snape does have in common with Defence Against the Dark Arts teachers, it is my fourth point, which is that Defence Against the Dark Arts Teachers Always Have A Big Secret That, If Exposed, Would Spell Ruin For the Teacher. "And do you have any more amusing commentary about your DADA teachers? As such she didn't recognize their new teacher on sight, or understand the headaches he was about to cause her. He was half-blood wizard and he worked as muggle studies professor until year 1990.

I do :)

"That was excellent work, Harry, my boy. Hermione, for all her love of books, had apparently never read the webcomic "Looking for Group" or any of it's offshoots. For the first DADA lesson of the year for the second-year Gryffindors, Harry was unusually giddy. Moody as DADA teacher (and why Snape told the world about Lupin’s illness) @raptured-night made a great post last night, which discussed the topic of: "How involved or aware Dumbledore was of Snape’s decision to “let slip to some of his students” that Remus was a werewolf.“.

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