Think about how you speak your native language. Doing this while listening to your tape recorder can also help you retain a lot of the data. Use the new words. This is most useful for experienced learners. This course is deigned for both beginners as well as professionals. - Things you will learn from this course - How, What, When and Why we do Memorize, Forget & Recall Information. When you’ve memorized the system, make up a number sequence and turn it into a word. Look at the words again after 24 hours, after one week and after one month. This is how you learn to memorize–your practice recalling, not repeating.

You need to use a new word about ten times before you remember it! 20. Whenever a person tries to remember words in a cluster he creates a picture in his mind and in the times of its usage there flows a chain in his mind. A few quick glances are usually acceptable. By doing this he can actually remember a large number of words at a time. This means that simply reading a particular piece of text over and over again is going to be the long road to memorization. To memorize numbers, try giving each number a letter sound using the Major system and practice taking a few words and turning them into number sequences. The reason why you want to focus on the most common English words is because we rarely use all the words we have in our toolbelt. And if you read everything word for word, […] How to Memorize. When presenting, it’s never a good idea to read from your slides or note cards. Step 4: Section Your Notes. We always answer: learn the most common English words. Whether you have to memorize a long list of vocabulary words for a test, several lines for a play, or anything else, there are several ways to make the process easier. This will help you become more familiar with what you’re trying to memorize. Learn the simple trick that will help you memorize anything—and that will make your presentations more memorable to your audience. Words, when learnt in a cluster, is a easy to remember. If the number is long, you can turn it into a series of words to make it easier to remember. Before you start trying to recall everything from memory, write and re-write the information. The act of reading something you want to memorize fires different connections than the act of recalling. This course will answer to all those questions and give you the best tools and techniques to boost your memorization efficiency so you can memorize 100+ words per day! Read, read, read. Better yet, learn the first 100 as soon as you can. Originally published on the SlideGenius blog. Do word puzzles and games like crosswords, anagrams and wordsearches. The more times you ‘see’ a word the more easily you will remember it.

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