How long will it take to read? Right now, I'm struggling to read another book for a 'book group' I'm in that just isn't doing it for me.

Here's a screen capture of my first 50 days. In 2016, the drop lessened, falling only to 342. I've been on page 27 for about four weeks (meanwhile, I read three other books).

It can be hard not to fall asleep or go into a daze. well i was supposed to read it over the holidays but i forget to and i have to have it completed within 2 weeks. If you take too long to publish your next book, there's some chance your readers will forget all about you -- or so goes the thinking among those marketing books these days. ... (After 300 pages, you will agree that this is the best way to write a novel.) How long does it take to write a novel? How to Read a Long Book or Document.

on average how much reading would i have to do per night? Reading an entire book in a matter of hours may seem daunting, but it all comes down to simple math. A guide to a book that is not just great, it is the best novel ever written. Right, right, you're probably thinking--but how long does it take?

Well, I now know how long it takes ME! Fans of your first book will be more likely to read your second one, and readers who discovered you with your third book will, if they liked that novel, go back and read your other two. (See below for the definitions of the editing categories.) I reckon 60 words on 17 July was my low point, but I notice I worked on the outline, too, that day. just give me an estimate or at least tell me how long it would take you. In 2017, the downward trend has continued, with an average book length of 273 pages. This isn’t to say that long books … The following table will tell you how long it will take to read typical word counts. The average adult reads around 200-400 words per minute.

the text size is quite small but not too small.

Sometimes it's unavoidable; you have to read something long and perhaps mundane. Metrics I start with an estimate learned from an editing course long ago: 2 to 4 double-spaced, 12-point-font pages for a substantive edit; 6 to 8 double-spaced pages for a copyedit. In 2014, it recovered slightly to 382 on the back of three 600+ page books. It depends on the book - I've read books that long in one, self-punishing sitting because they were too good to put down. In 2015, the drop resumed as the average fell to 345. so i was wondering do u think its possible to complete a book with 230 pages within 2 weeks or even 1 week?

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