for an increase in wages and protesting against Mr. Birling not giving . Eva came to her as a last resort and committed suicide just 2 weeks after Mrs Birling refused to help her. If she had acted differently then the story could have had a different ending. In the 20th ce Answered by Corey R #652003 on 6/10/2017 1:38 PM They all made terrible things happen to her. Everyone in this play has been associated individually with her death. Because when Eva was at her most desperate, she turned to Mrs Birling for help and was turned away, so in desperation she took her own life. After working through each and every character, I have come to the decision that Eric and Mrs Birling were most to blame for Eva’s death. Get help with your writing. young woman. At the end of the play the family discover the … I would start of by spending a paragraph proving mrs Birling was most responsible as she was the last straw which caused Eva's suicide. Sheila Birling is most to blame for Eva Smith’s death. Sybil assumes instantly that because Eva is pregnant and single she is a bad person. Mrs Birling does not feel socially responsible Sybil Birling will not take any responsibility for the death of Eva Smith even after she has been questioned by the Inspector. the owner of a mill and hired Eva Smith to work there. Eva Smith/ Daisy Renton, now pregnant and with no money, turned to the Brumley Women’s Charity Organisation. “We were paying the usual rates and if they didn’t like Is Gerald to blame for the death of Eva Smith? Is Sheila to blame for the death of Eva Smith? She was not supportive to a pregnant, unmarried woman. Mrs. Birling turned down Eva Smith when she needed her most. that she worked well but had to make her redundant due to her asking . Mrs Birling does not feel socially responsible Sybil Birling will not take any responsibility for the death of Eva Smith even after she has been questioned by the Inspector.

It is only when Mrs Birling realises that her son, Eric, was the father of Eva Smith's child and her actions have resulted in the death of her own grandchild that she begins to show any signs of remorse. The play centres’ around the wealthy Birling family. She was a victim of their pompous classism. Believes she is better than everyone else. He admitted . Sheila Birling is described at the start as a pretty, witty and strong minded. her a rise. “girls of that class” = she is snobbish in the sense that she upholds her own class above the lower class. "I should think not. Mr Birling holds the big responsibility of starting the whole thing, and he was the first to turn Eva away. When she called Eric an ‘***’. In my opinion, it would have to be Mrs Birling.

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