What Separates Christianity from Other Religions 1. John Wesley is the founder of the Methodist denomination. Q&A for committed Christians, experts in Christianity and those interested in learning more. ... Lutheran Church–Missouri Synod – 2.0 million ... in 451. ... but have now been visiting a couple different ones. Autocephalous churches – … Christianity is the most widely practiced religion in the world, with more than 2 billion followers. Lutheranism quickly spread throughout Germany and Scandinavia, and Protestantism in various forms could soon be found throughout Europe. Every other religion teaches us to earn our way to God. Catholicism is the largest branch of Christianity and the Catholic Church is the largest among churches. Newest lutheranism questions feed It's way more conservative than Evangelical Christianity, that's for sure. Roman Catholics maintain that the papacy holds the highest authority in the Christian faith and that the pope is the divinely appointed head. The second major difference is over the issue of who holds the highest authority in Christianity. In the 17th century, Lutherans from these countries began to migrate to the United States, bringing their language, culture, and Lutheran faith with them. Having been raised Baptist and having converted to Lutheranism a few years ago, I have to say there are tremendous theological differences between Baptist and Lutheran denominations. I'm pretty sure that Lutheran is more conservative than baptist. Despite the similar name, they are therefore a different branch of Christianity from the Eastern Orthodox (see above). The Methodists and Lutherans are two Protestant sects of the Christian religion. Christianity is the only religion that teaches that God came to us. Many people think all religions are all the same, but I would argue that Christianity is different from the rest.

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