Two things are certain: foods containing GMOs are hitting the market at a rapid pace and they are found in most processed foods. The nutritional value of GMO foods is tested and compared against non-GMO foods. Genetically modified organisms, GMOs, seem to offer the most effective way to feed the 795 million people who don't have enough food. A great deal of controversy surrounds foods that contain genetically modified organisms, or GMOs. Hundreds of studies have confirmed that GMO foods pose no health risks and are not the results of any diseases. “The risk assessment of genetically modified (GM) crops for human nutrition and health has not been systematic. A team of researchers from universities in the U.S., Denmark, and Hungary observed the GMO assimilation process of more than 1,000 human samples in an analysis from four independent trials.

Evaluations for each GM crop or trait have been conducted using different feeding periods, animal models and parameters. Famers have been growing crops from GM seeds for over 30 years and there has been no single documented instance of harm to human health resulting from genetic modification. Numerous studies have shown no nutritional differences between commercially available GMO and non-GMO foods. The public, however, has shown resistance to products made using these organisms. A lot of food that we eat today contains genetically modified ingredients and usually without our knowledge. Some authors claim that genetic engineering offers no threat, yet reports of negative effects of GMOs like environmental concerns and allergic reactions persist in the media. Foods that have been genetically modified undergo testing for safety, health and nutrient value. The most common results is that GM and conventional sources include similar nutritional performance and growth in animals. What Effects do GMOs Have on the Body? However, adverse microscopic …

... meal-derived DNA fragments from genetically modified foods can be directly transferred into the bloodstream.

Learn more about how fast food affects the body here. Should they be regulated or not regulated? Fast food has many short- and long-term effects on the body. One of the blood samples even contained higher … I would like to share a documentary "Bad Seed - The Truth About Our Food", documentary examines the issue of genetic engineering of food from the real-world perspectives of leading scientists, farmers, food safety advocates and the victims of genetically engineered products. While the research on GMO’s is still very much in its younger years, there is plenty of scientific research and evidence to suggest that genetically modified foods are anything but safe. People may feel hungry soon after eating and gain weight over time.

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