Hamlet's complex psychological response to life and death, his mother's sexuality, and the implications of avenging his father's murder is like taking a psychological roller coaster ride. Shakespeare was in the business, all of his life, of probing the passions of his characters and arousing the passions of his audiences.

When the murder of the ¨King¨ by his own brother occurs, King Claudius jumps up from his seat and yells for the play to stop. For one thing, it makes him broody and introspective. Hamlet’s revenge is delayed in three significant ways. The reason why the ghost of King Hamlet came back was to avenge his own death. William Shakespeare, the famous playwright, has addressed the issue of relationships in most of his plays, especially as of family ties. This shows Hamlet that the soul is still alive when someone dies.

1. It also makes him intensely suspicious. Think of things Hamlet does for or because of Ophelia.

When Claudius storms out during the performance, Hamlet becomes convinced of his guilt. Another way to look at this is that the ghost is a symbol of Hamlet's grief over his father's death.
The Death of Hamnet and the Making of Hamlet.

Claudius and Laertes set Hamlet’s ending in motion when they plan to kill Hamlet during a fencing match.Both Hamlet and Laertes are fatally poisoned during the match, and before he dies, Hamlet kills Claudius.

First, he must establish Claudius’ guilt, which he does in Act 3, Scene 2 by presenting the murder of his father in a play. Hamlet and Sex. Wilson Knight, for instance, writes at length about death in the play: "Death is over the whole play. He leaves, and the failed assassination attempt brings him back to the castle because he wants to see Ophelia.

Stephen Greenblatt.

Polonius and Ophelia die during the action, and Ophelia is buried before our eyes. The death of King Hamlet affects his son in lots of different ways.

He writes her letters, in secret, against the wish of her father. The ending of Hamlet leaves it unclear whether the events leave Hamlet’s struggles with self-doubt unresolved, or whether they in fact settle his various quandaries. Out of him, she draws intense, passionate emotion. Death has been considered the primary theme of Hamlet by many eminent critics through the years.

He has in most of his books and in particular, The Tragedies exposed the good and the bad side of family ties, especially between parents and their kids, including oedipal complex issues. “How does King Hamlet’s ghost affect the outcome in Hamlet?” This is a query numerous people inquire.

reflects the death of King Hamlet and the marriage of Claudius and Gertrude.
So, you've probably noticed that Hamlet is seriously angry with his mother—especially her sex life. During the play King Claudius gets very antsy and cannot sit still.

After the play stops Claudius storms out of the theater full of anger. Hamlet idolized and looked up to his dad, the way any child does, and he misses him. Hamlet arranges the deaths of Rosencrantz and Guildenstern.

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