December 2011 Macbeth’s downfall Lady Macbeth is a manipulative woman. Lady Macbeth uses her deep-seated ambition to influence Macbeth’s self during the play, which drowns out his conscience. When he finds them, they present him with three apparitions. After all it was them who told him his prophecies and made him ambitious. She must cause the sailor’s misery indirectly by tossing his ship about The witches may tell the future and tempt Macbeth; they may toss about his “bark”, but they have no direct influence over him. In conclusion, the witches, Lady Macbeth and Duncan’s murder all have a significant impact on Macbeth and contribute to his downfall however I also believe that the context of the play is very important because it influenced the way in which Shakespeare develops the characters and the events which occur in … Factors Contributing to Macbeth's Downfall in William Shakespeare's Macbeth In William Shakespeare's famous play Macbeth, there are many reasons for Macbeth's gradual downfall. I'm doing an essay on the people who were responsible for Macbeth's downfall, I've written a bit on the witches but need to make it longer and also need some quotes for it this is what I have at the moment: The three witches were also partly responsible for the downfall of Macbeth.

Witchcraft plays a major part in MacBeth's actions and his weak character is easily manipulated. Lady Macbeth was another external force that influenced Macbeth internally, which resulted in his tragic downfall. The witches are only partially responsible for Macbeth's downfall, because they simply influence his fate. The influences of the witches prophecies, and Lady Macbeths desires play a small part towards Macbeth’s demise; it is Macbeth’s selfish ambitions that are the main reasons which lead to his downfall and destruction. The witches said that his sons would be king, so this was the beginning of Macbeths elimination process to ensure his taking of the crown. Although the witches were a main cause of Macbeth’s downfall, the blame cannot lie solely with them. Although Macbeth does take actions that lead to his downfall, I believe that he is not totally responsible for what happens. Macbeths Downfall Essay. Although he takes the action that leads to his downfall, he perhaps would not have done this if the witches had not told him that he would be king in Act 1 Scene 3. Rather, the unfortunate events were the result of poor judgement, human weakness, and adverse circumstances. His downfall seems to be per-ordained, in that the witches know exactly what will happen to him, and they tell him the truth about his destiny, although they do leave … Macbeth's downfall Macbeth went back to see the witches and there they told him more about The Witches effect on Macbeth's downfall Macbeth's Downfall Macbeth's downfall was mainly effected by the witches because of the devious way they put the need for power into Macbeth's mind.
Macbeths Downfall In the beginning of the play Macbeth, Macbeth is a successful and noble Thane of Glamis. They may not actually be forcing Macbeth to do certain actions, but their prophecies have a great impact on him. The Weird Sisters appear in Scene 1 of Macbeth, the first characters to appear in this play.

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