Did you know improving by just a single test point can be worth thousands of dollars in financial aid for your college education?

You can find old ACT test scores from October 1966 until the present. If a score is archived, it's not in the active file.

The College Code List and the Congressional Code List are available online to provide you with the most updated information. I know that some of the ones I applied to received my scores, but others have not.

Use valid ACT codes only. I sent my ACT and SAT scores to UC San Diego on Nov. 28. Does that mean my scores have not been received yet? Why every point matters on the ACT test. I think I also sent some scores previously on actstudent.org, but again, I don't remember which ones. If you chose to use the 4 free reports you got with ACT registration, check the college codes you listed by looking at your copy of the score report. I think I filled out some colleges to have my ACT scores sent to when taking my ACT, but I don't remember which ones. If the recipient college has more than one campus, you must indicate the campus where you want your scores sent by city and state. 43% of ACT test takers chose to take the test more than once last year, and more than half of them improved their scores. ACT scores are archived for tests taken before September 1, 2015 . Additionally, report requests for archived scores take an additional working day to process.

How do I know if the UCs have received these scores? A college only receives your score report when you list its correct ACT College Code on your score request. When I log into my account, it says in red that I need to arrange for the testing agencies to send my score. Your account will include a list of all the times you took the ACT and you'll be able to select which old scores you'd like to see or have sent to a college or university. There's an additional $24 fee for finding and sending archived ACT score reports. Online: If you have your ACT online account information handy, you can log in to access your scores. Thanks!

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