Main Idea • The main idea of the ambiguous short story 'The Signalman' is the contrast between the 'Real world ' and the 'Unreal world'.

Get an answer for 'How does the tunnel represent people's fears in "The Signalman" by Charles Dickens?'

5. How did the signalman die? How did the signalman die? 2. and find homework help for other The Signal-Man questions at eNotes How many times did the writer visit the signalman before he died? Find words in the text with similar meaning to: Way: Hotel: Far away: To climb: Of course: 6. rating (0% score) - 0 votes Charles Dickens. The Signalman Features; by Charles Dickens - Dec 18, 2017. The signal-man tells the narrator about the apparitions that have appeared to him, but to no avail. The Signal-Man: The signal-man is a late- to middle-aged individual who works alone in the narrow gorge. The narrator then asks him if he could see the spectre where the Signalman saw it first but, there He is helpless in this matter and the narrator feels concerned and worried for him. 2 4. Find words in the text with similar meaning to: Way: Hotel: Far away: To climb: Of course: 6.

Socially, the Signalman can be significant when we see him as the general laborers and the bottom of the society, most working in harsh conditions and lack societal status. 3. He then tries to calm the signalman down and leaves the box at two in the morning even though he did offer to stay the night. Find words in the text with similar meaning to: Way: To climb: Hotel: Of course: Far away: 6. It is described as a dull, monotonous routine, but the signal-man says he feels this is his lot in life because he wasted academic opportunities when he was young. Was the spectre a good or a bad ghost? 1 2235. Home Features The Signalman. His age and solitude contribute to the narrator's skepticism about his supernatural visions. Composition (80 words): According to the text, what..... 5. 19. The signal-man is reassured and welcomes the narrator into his small cabin, where they talk about the signal-man’s work. How did the signalman die? Editor’s Note: “The Signalman” is a short story by Charles Dickens that was first published in Mugby Junction in their 1866 Christmas edition of All the Year Round.

What did the signalman want to tell his visitor? Composition (80 words): According to the text, what kind of man was the signalman? 5. 0.00 avg.

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