1900 – In October 1900,the Antikythera mechanism was discovered by sponge divers off Point Glyfada on the Greek island of Antikythera was believed to be the earliest mechanical analog “computer” discovered to calculate astronomical positions . Personal computer: The minicomputer Xerox Alto (1973) was a landmark step in the development of personal computers These computers are battery-powered notebooks that include a hard drive and floppy disk. History of Computers. History of Computers Timeline (1980's) 1910 to 1959-1960's-1970's-1980's-1990's -2000's -Timeline Home. A Timeline of the History of Computers. A timeline created with Timetoast's interactive timeline maker. In the beginning, those were crude weapons for hunting food. History of Computers Timeline (1960's) 1910 to 1959-1960's-1970's-1980's-1990's -2000's -Timeline Home. IBM Herman Hollerith, an American inventor, built a machine to count a census. This timeline shows the main events in Microsoft history. It used punched cards and gears like the previous ones, but it worked with electricity.

IBM Herman Hollerith, an American inventor, built a machine to count a census. Updated on 4 weeks ago ; 13 min read ; Ever since ancient times, humanity has built problem solving tools. 1990: The Motorola 68040 microprocessor is introduced. 1990: The high performance RISC Station 6000 workstations are announced by IBM. It used punched cards and gears like the previous ones, but it worked with electricity. 1980 - Sinclair ZX80 (One of the first affordable home computers) Clive Sinclair launched the ZX80 in the United Kingdom for under one hundred pounds (£99.99).

• First man made computing device. History of Computers: 3000 BC to Present History of Computers - Long, Long Ago The Abacus. A computer is an electronic machine that accepts information, stores it, processes it according to the instructions provided by a user and then returns the result. 1960 - PDP-1 (Host of the first popular computer game) The PDP-1 was designed and built in MIT and had a clock speed of 200 kilohertz and could perform 100,000 operations per second .

month unknown - Computers - Some history and background #5: 1954 : month unknown - Commodore International is founded: 1961 : JULY - Outer Space! Computer History Timeline www.dailyict.com 2. The Computer-Key Developments • Abacus-calculating device(3000BC) 3.

• Is still being used in China, Russia and the Far-east countries for calculations. In History. 1989: The first computers that are 80486-based are unveiled. They took a machine that was unreachable to most people, and they put it down on their level; this changed the face of the world. beads on rods to count and calculate; still widely used in Asia! January 1, 1979: Microsoft moves from Albuquerque, New Mexico to Bellevue, Washington.

She is known for her independent films and documentaries, including one about Alexander Graham Bell. Abacus- • Is an ancient calculating device. 4.
History Timeline: 1973 . ... History of computers Timeline created by RaulDavid28. Click here: A Brief History of the Computer With Timeline(1614 -1890).

In History.


... History of Computers Timeline created by gurrutia10. A timeline created with Timetoast's interactive timeline maker. Mary Bellis covered inventions and inventors for ThoughtCo for 18 years. 1989: EISA-based PCs, the first of their kind, are available. Computer history timeline 1. Apple History Timeline Timeline Description: The Apple computer helped change the way that people functioned around the world.

Robert Metcalfe and David Boggs: creates the Ethernet, a local-area network (LAN) protocol .

The computer came in 'kit form' and users had to assemble and solder it together. 1890. Gradually though, we began developing contraptions that weren’t aimed at …

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