Respect – 0. His own children he neglects, especially after his wife dies. Hindley Earnshaw and Catherine Earnshaw is two siblings living in England with their father. Before I came to live here at the Grange, I was almost always at the Heights, because when I was a baby, my mother was nurse to Hindley Earnshaw, who was Hareton's father. When Mr. Earnshaw dies, in 1777, Cathy is 12, Heathcliff is 13 while Hindley, who is 20, becomes the real master of the house, takes Frances, his wife, with him and keeps on beating Heathcliff, worst than before, until he’s forbidden to get in the house. Got it so far? Catherine Earnshaw, or Catherine Linton, is the principal female character in Emily Brontë 's novel "Wuthering Heights". Returning from a trip to Liverpool, Earnshaw brings a young orphan whom he names Heathcliff and treats as his favourite. I did little jobs, too, and helped make hay, and was ready at the farm for anything that anyone would set me to do. This is where it starts to get confusing!

The second generation also consists of Edgar and Isabelle, the biological children of Mr & Mrs Linton. The second generation consists of Mr & Mrs Earnshaw's biological children Catherine and Hindley, along with Heathcliff, who was adopted by Mr. Earnshaw on a trip to Liverpool.

The Death of Hindley Earnshaw. Thirty years earlier, Mr & Mrs Earnshaw live at Wuthering Heights with their children, Hindley and Catherine, and a servant — Nelly herself. tions-and these unimportant-are Hindley Earnshaw and Edgar Linton, who are sixteen and eighteen respectively when their mothers die (and even their mothers are apparently not very "motherly") .1 Without the care of their mothers,2 the children find themselves in a fierce struggle for survival against actively hostile adults who seem obsessed Towards the end of Hindley’s character arc, people notice similarities between him and his sister, Catherine: the central ‘tragic heroine’ of the story. Although Hindley never loves Heatcliff, Catherine loves him so much. He has mercy the child when he sees the child in the street and bring the children to his house. Isabella uses this resemblance to irk her abusive husband after the two of them scuffle. Relatives = Brother: Hindley Earnshaw Foster Brother: Heathcliff Children = Daughter Catherine (Cathy) Linton Age = Six years of age at beginning of novel; eighteen at death Born = Summer 1765 Died = 20 March 1784. As a little one I got used to playing with the children, Hindley and Catherine. Hindley died in jail in November 2002, aged 60, after suffering respiratory failure following a heart attack. This similarity defines Hindley’s role in the story as part of a dark past to be overcome. Before their father return from his business trip with the black gipsy child, they have a standard life.

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