Discovery Internships is a 4 week, tuition-based, comprehensive internship program with locations in New York City and London for students completing grades 10, 11, and 12. 10-19 hours weekly for experience, OR Two Units of Credit for 20+ hours weekly for experience or twice the number of units of credit granted for related instruction whichever is less. Because college coursework may match your work experience, it is possible to use some of your years of experience to test out of or get credit for certain courses and gain the credits as though you attended the class and passed its exams. Some have these programs specifically set up for those who are not on the college track as an alternative career preparation path. Though not all schools accept all the methods identified below – and some may offer different amounts of credit – students should check with their school to see what is possible. Yours won’t either. How to Get Credit for School and Life Experience. The online credit for work experience courses provide access to a mentor to help you navigate the process and require a $1,500 portfolio evaluation fee, which may be covered by financial aid. Some school give you credit for the work-study and you also may receive a paycheck from your employer in the program. If your portfolio earns credits valued below the $1,500 assessment fee, you will receive a tuition grant equal to the difference toward the next term of your Purdue Global degree (up to the entire $1,500). Transcripts ought to be kept on permanent file. "You can't double dip!" St. Mary’s High School offers a number of Off-Campus Programs. Student Name: _____ Student Number: _____ Grade: _____ Position or Type of Work: _____ Dear Pearblossom S taff: I attest to the fact that the work experience for which I am seeking credit … For grades 9 through 12, home educating parents must fill out a transcript form that records subjects studied, years of study, units of credit, and final grades.

Tweet . Additional Information. Answer: It varies by school and program, so you will have to contact your school's representatives to find out if they accept life and work experience for credit and what experiences qualify. Ambleside Online's article on High School Credit … Did you know that almost three quarters of students today are considered “non-traditional”? "Business Principles" 1/2 credit for a semester's work as a bookkeeper "Health and Human Relations" 1 credit for 25 hours per week work at a nursing home "Work Study" 1 credit for work at a sales job or at a newspaper. Experience 35 without having completed Work Experience 15 and/or Work Experience 25. Overtime may be considered.

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