A photo of the handwritten notes I've received in the recent months. With these tips and … Sign Up and Send Us Your Requirements. We give you the ability to hyper-personalise your direct mail at a scale not known before and at half the cost of traditional handwriting services. They don't actually take that long to write, and your company will stand out amongst others because of the 5 extra minutes you took to write the note. (For Blueprint Academy members only) Click HERE to see an example; Get Started Now. 7 Sample Thank You Notes for Business . The organization now works handwritten thank-you notes into its business model. We provide businesses with hand written envelopes, hand written letters and cards for effective direct mail campaign. Using handwritten notes to make an impression with customers, partners or even friends and colleagues has become a lost art. It doesn’t take much to make a positive impression on people, and when you just need a way to show your appreciation without taking up a lot of time, there are few things that are as quick or effective as a Thank You note. Handwritten business letters and notes have been the longest standing form of communication ever and there is still life in it yet! That said, we don’t compromise on authenticity as you can see. Handwritten notes are a powerful way to send a message to a customer to thank them for doing business with your company. We hand write your notes and mail them for you. Hand Written Letters, Cards and Notes Service for your Business. The new research on the benefits of handwritten thank-you letters was led by Amit Kumar, assistant professor of marketing in the McCombs School of Business at the University of Texas in Austin. Handwritten notes perform best in verticals where brand loyalty and differentiation are incredibly important. (Thanks for making me the awesome … Why? Donors who opt-in to receiving them increase their average annual donation amount by $41, which translates to more than $3 million in additional donations per year. Send real handwritten notes without ever lifting a pen. How It Works. FAQ; Pricing; Styles & Samples; Blog; Contact Us; Register; Login; Select Page. Handwritten Business Notes for a connected world Digital Handwriting Makes the Difference In an age of digital marketing, the handwritten note has become a treasured gem. No Robots. Handwritten notes add a personal touch to your business; Get repeat business from happy customers; Notes written by REAL writers, not look-alike computer font; Get the first 100 notes FREE!

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