SARAH: When Hamlet swears Horatio and Marcellus to silence, he tells them that he is going "to put an antic disposition on."

Good. He wants to make Claudius think that he is harmless, incapable of taking revenge for his father's murder. Dramatic irony is used many times in Hamlet, a literary device that Shakespeare is well known for.

Dramatic Irony is present when Hamlet decides to feign madness, “To put an antic disposition on-” (1.5.180), to deceive the others and not reveal his true feelings and his future plan of action revenging his father’s death. Hamlet's Antic Dispostion Thesis Statement Thesis Statement Hamlet's compelling, pretencious emotions depicted his foolish behaviour, in quest of revenge for his father's death.
RALPH: Hamlet means that he is going to pretend to be crazy. Hamlet's Antic Disposition In William Shakespeare's famous tragedy Hamlet, the main character of the story is one majestically elaborated, aside from being quite complex. Hamlet promises to avenge his father. There are infinite volumes written about this character because Shakespeare leaves no … FONTS HAMLET'S ANTIC DISPOSITION Hamlet's Loss of Religious Morals Hamlet's antic disposition begins to corrupt his moral values. Hamlet comes back from this revealing rendezvous and swears his friends to secrecy. He does, no fingers crossed behind his back or anything. Hamlet's Behaviour Hamlet's behaviour towards Ophelia appears to be very erratic and unstable. In one of his longest plays, Hamlet, he not only utilizes characters and time to portray the beliefs of the late 16 th century, but to additionally examine basic principles and interactions of humans. "To be or not to be? Got it? This causes him to deliberately become a madman and abnormal acts of madness which is identified as an That's the moment the rest of the play hinges on, and it sets up the "antic disposition" business, which is the reason you're here in the first place. The loss of faith in the goodness.

Hamlet: Antic Disposition & Oedipus… William Shakespeare explores the fundamental concepts of modern psychology in his plays.

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