Unfortunately, we faced a problem with the presentation so we couldn’t show some pictures of what we were describing. Group work projects help you to work on your communication skills. In this assignment I will talk about my reflection upon the course since I joined and how I’ve managed to work with team members to create a group presentation, and also what I have learnt from this. Group presentation reflection. Improved Communication Skills. One group member kneeled on the chair, behind the podium, in order to see over the podium. In our group, there is no obvious leader, each one of us at some point, discovered our own capacity for leadership. Topics: Group ... Basically having to perceive yourself a certain way to fit in. Self-Critique of my first presentation Presenter: Drilona Aliu. The group on the other hand, utilized these skills, together with the group’s ability to interact, to maximize the quality, speed and efficiency of the group. I found that doing this academic presentation to be a really ambitious experience. What are some of the characteristics of ineffective groups? It seemed that all the previous presenters were very comfortable on presenting and they rarely showed any sign on nervousness. Reflection On Group Presentation. This reflection essay is based on my presentation on July 9th. I believe this was case with all of the groups that have presented thus far.

The presentation that I gave as a result of our group task had some aspects which could have gone better.

Reflection of Group Project 597 Words | 3 Pages. FreeBookSummary.com . In this essay, I will be reflecting on the experiences that I had as part of the larger group of 10 students, as well as how I found the process of dividing into smaller sub-groups of four people for part of the activities. Group Presentation Reflection For the persuasive speech of efficient market hypothesis I worked with a group of three other people. We were asked to create a presentation about a particular company chosen by us, and talk about the key management functions of the group. I think this was mainly a result of improper division of material and the natural fear of students to fall short of the minimum length. Essay Reflected to Group Presentation Introduction The changing working and learning environment is bringing about a number of challenges in dealing with the members belonging to different cultures and backgrounds. Four day ago, on Thursday 9th July, 2009 my partner Rachna and I gave a seminar at St. Josephs Secondary School and I wanted to take a minute to reflect my experience.

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