There’s also the option of taking on a second major or a minor course of study. Global business majors … Bachelor’s Degree Courses A Bachelor’s degree in marketing is a very popular degree, which takes four to five years to complete.

The degrees offered are a Bachelor’s of Science in Marketing (BS), Bachelor of Science in Business Marketing (BSB), or Bachelor of Business Administration … Concurrent Bachelor’s and Master’s Programs… Certificate or Concentration. Marketing is the process that begins with creating a product or service and ends with putting it into consumers' hands. College Electives That Will Boost Your Job Prospects.
Earning a Double Major or Minor. In studying this process, a marketing major learns how to identify … Good electives for business majors are classes that complement without duplicating subjects already taken. Marketing students looking to develop their professional sales skills can look forward to the following courses: Strategic Sales and Sales Management What you’ll learn: Students in this course will learn … Among the best classes to take for a business major are English, psychology and public speaking to help you understand and communicate with others.

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