& that concludes our presentation. Well, you have come to the right place. Central idea: My speech is going to cover … SPEECH OUTLINE (Informative & Persuasive Speeches) (10%-20 marks) NAME: KALAISELVI MOHANRAJ ID NO/ SECTION: SB09031/S02 SUBJECT: UHL4012 PUBLIC SPEAKING Title: "Applications and Significance of Genetic Engineering" Specific purpose: To inform my audience the three examples of genetically modified organisms and their significances.

At topicsmill.com, you can find popular topics for informative speech and make sure you achieve a great grade. * Local Farmers (Bankruptcy) * Local Agriculture - Soil depletion * Heirloom crops - Biodiversity * Environment - Delicately balanced ecosystem * Insects and Wildlife (Killing View Essay - Informative Speech on Genetically Modified Foods from SPCH 105 at University of Mississippi. Have main ideas and branch of from there, give details about the main idea, examples with dates, times, and places.

A genetically modified organism, or a GMO, is any organism that has been altered by genetic engineering. GMOs are unnatural and have negative impacts on our environment and well-being. COMM110 Informative Speech. Home / Sample Speeches / Informative Speech / Sample Informative Speech: Genetically modified ingredients Visiting a supermarket has become a very tiring experience, since we have to read all labels that warn us against genetically-modified ingredients. This is the process of manually adding new DNA to an organism. Topic: Genetically Modified Organisms (This should only be a few words, it is the subject of your whole speech) Specific Purpose: To inform the audience about GMOs, their history, uses and controversy Thank you. Body Paragraphs Your going to have divide what your talking about into sections. Sherbie Carson - COM 1650 What is so bad about GMOs ? Genetically Modified Organisms What is at risk ? Elena Hubbard Mr. Kevin James Malloy Section 1 10454502 Informative Speech Genetically Credibility Statement It can refer to Say No to GMO More than 60-percent of the food an average American eats contains one or more GMO. Do you need help choosing informative speech topics for school or college?

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