Being honest with each other is so important in the first meeting. I am both a mentor and quite often a mentee, so the suggestions are from both perspectives. Our team members say it best. Your contribution to the success of FIRST programs and ultimately to the success of FIRST is immeasurable.. Who are FIRST mentors and coaches? Last week we published this checklist for mentees — preparation is key for that first meeting with the connection that might change your life.. Ask some general and open ended questions about them …

Importantly, you as the mentee needs to make contact with the assigned mentor and arrange the first meeting. 7 Important Factors To Consider When Choosing A Mentor.
Here are some suggestions on how to prepare for, and participate in, your first meeting with a mentor. You have a class to get to, a test to study for, or your mentor has to round at the hospital or go to another meeting. Afterwards, ask yourself what you learned from the meeting and how you can apply your new knowledge. Your mentee will be asked to reach out to you to ask for a meeting of 60 minutes or more.

The main purpose of this meeting is to get acquainted and establish goals and expectations for your mentoring relationship.

Be respectful of your mentor’s time and experience. For a mentor mentee relationship to flourish, the mentor must have a clear understanding of the mentee’s expectations. Don’t expect too much and remember that they might be nervous too!

Prepare and ask relevant questions. Respond to Meeting Request.

2. Five Questions To Ask A Reverse Mentee.

6 Valuable Benefits of Mentoring To Advance Your Career. Tips for a Successful Mentoring Session. It may be useful to allow more time for this meeting than subsequent discussions. Both parties want to make a good first impression. As a mentor or coach of a FIRST ® team, you are, through the kids, the key ingredient in the success of your team. Prioritise the goals you wish to work on with your Mentor. Have some questions written down to stay on track during the meeting, because tick tock tick tock right? Below is a list of suggested questions, … Setting boundaries. Your mentor may suggest ways they can help you in your meeting that hadn’t occurred to you, but it’s still helpful to do a little research ahead of time. Ten questions to ask a mentor at your first meeting Open this photo in gallery: Here are 10 questions you can ask her to take the pressure off you and make the most of your meeting 1. Final Thoughts. The first mentor-mentee meeting is often characterized by anticipation and nervousness. The first meeting with your mentee is an opportunity to start building your relationship and identifying subjects that warrant further discussion. ! Avoid awkward pauses with your mentee. PRIOR TO FIRST MEETING Prior to the first meeting, take 5 minutes to do a brainstorm/dump of all short, medium or long term goals – anything and everything. Respect each other’s time and keep the conversation moving with a list of topics you want to discuss.
The opportunity to squeeze every last drop of lived experience out of a mentor is a fabulous position to be in and, as such, don’t waste it. Below are four types of questions to ask your mentor, along with 10 related examples for each type. 1. The bulk of this first meeting should be spent getting to know one another, at an appropriate first meeting level. This week, our focus is on the mentors. I will read over the information CharityComms sends mentors about the first meeting to help me prepare.

for scheduling the first meeting with your mentor, setting aside at least 60 minutes. Ask if you can follow up and exchange contact information.

A mentor/coach: Can be a person of any age, teaching others what they know Let’s say you’re hoping to land a job at your dream company, and you’d love your mentor to help you get in the door.

To introduce myself, I talk a bit about my background as it helps potential mentees consider if I’m the right mentor for them. First Meeting. Relevant discussion topics might be clarification of roles and responsibilities, formal aspects of the mentoring relationship, and perhaps cooperation and collaboration with other mentees at the school.

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