In Belgium, school starts on the 1st of September, after a summer break of two months. Here are some ideas for the first day of class: Be Early. The first day will inevitably involve some logistics, like going over the class rules and reviewing the course syllabi. 17 Creative Ways to Introduce Yourself to Your Students This Year. In a large class, greet a few. This guide will help you make opening day as effective as possible. An introductory letter from a new teacher is a way of welcoming the students and parents to one’s class and hence, the tone of the letter should be very polite. Fabulous Ideas for the First Day of Class. However, you can make your students' introduction to your classroom stress-free and positive by adding these fun first day of high school activities. The letter should make the students and parents excited for starting the new academic year with the teacher. The first day of class is crucial both for your students and for you.

by Lucie Renard — Aug 30, 2017 Back to school. You only get one chance to make a first impression. by Claudia Pesce 635,679 views. This simple gesture is powerful. Shake Hands.

The First Day of Class.

However, teachers should see to it that the letter is written in a formal as well as a professional way. Whether inside or outside the classroom, let students know that you are ready to talk with them: smile, nod, make eye contact, chat, whatever suits your style. Finally! On the first day of class, the halls buzz with excitement. If you’re looking for ESL getting to know you games for the First Day of Class, you’ve come to the right place.I’ll give my top 10 first day ESL activities so you can get your semester started off on the right foot.. By the right foot, I mean the awesome way-students and teacher start getting to know each in a fun, engaging and interactive way. This is a lesson that I use on the first day of class with 5 & 6 graders (intermediate writing and speaking skills).

15 creative lesson ideas for the first day of school. Arrive 5 minutes early for class. Teachers get ready to greet their students, anxious to get started, and our young, or not-so-young, learners are nervous, wondering what their teacher’s like. For this game, it is best if the students don't know you yet, but it can be adapted so that students can get to know more specific details about the teacher. For example, you could say “I’m easy-going, but I do have some rules that everyone must abide by.” Keep those rules simple and easy-to-remember if you introduce yourself and the rules together. Getting started on the first day by also explaining your class rules and what your class can expect of you is a good way to set guidelines. Other countries have already begun the new school year, others still have a few weeks to go.

WeAreTeachers Staff on July 24, 2019 We once heard of a teacher who dressed up in her best bell bottoms and discoed her way into her classroom on the first day with Gloria Gaynor blasting from the speakers. It is called the True/False Game. There’s one thing we all have in common: the first day of school.

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