Amanda Taylor, editor of Total Girl magazine, worked her way to the top of the publishing pile with perseverance, a journalism degree and work experience.

A week’s work experience with us will usually include some time with most, if not all, of the venue teams. We host placements throughout the year and prioritise applications from the London Borough of Tower Hamlets . The week will open the door to the range of career possibilities in the industry and allow students to get hands-on with the tools of the trade. The SYN Work Experience program is a week long program offered to Year 9 & 10 students. The program immerses students into media making, giving them the opportunity to participate in live radio and television, produce podcasts, write blogs and get first hand experience in SYN and the wider media. Work Experience Sydney The AIE Work Experience Program is a great way for secondary school students in years 10 to 12 to learn about the interactive entertainment and digital industries. Work experience works best People already working in the industry say the best way to get a job in magazines is to do unpaid work experience – and lots of it. Please note that as we’re a theatre, work experience will usually involve being here out of office hours – as that’s what it is like if you work here! Sebastian Fendall, Work Experience participant Twenty five Drama students in Years 10 and 11 from across NSW have the opportunity to participate in our immersive, interactive Work Experience Week. MTC offers a limited number of work experience placements for high school students each year.

Work Experience students are generally offered 5 days of placement with work hours of 9:30am to 5pm, however, there is flexibility to change the hours or days. Our work experience program aims to give year 10, 11 and 12 students all around Australia the opportunity to: gain insight and experience into our everyday work, which involves solving the big questions facing our country and planet; enquire about the type of work we undertake; find out the types of jobs that are available in the science industry A Typical Week. Students are assigned to an MTC production for one week to observe rehearsals and assist with small stage management tasks as required. The dates of work experience are determined in advance and students must select their preferences at the time of application. To be considered for an internship, you must be available to work at least 2 full days per week for a minimum of 12 hours per week. Work Experience Directory provides student with work experience placements and work experience ideas, with a strong focus on Year 10 Work Experience.

Long-term Work Experience placements are for one day a week (Monday to Friday) for 3 months and usually coincide with school or college terms. Work Experience Week enables students to explore many facets of STC and gain a broad understanding of the workings of a theatre company.

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