Has anyone ever won $1 million on Wheel of Fortune?

Your favorite source of inspiration: Nature 5. Your favorite book: Dance Dance Dance by Haruki Murakami 2.

In order, and put why next to them if you want? Saving Private Ryan- This is the greatest war movie ever made. This movie not only has the best entrance in history, but also my favorite exit in the wonderfully somber finish. What's your favorite Star Wars theory?

Don't answer the movie or other questions in a way that you think will please the admission people. clear. Any Movie That Was On Disney Channel. Previously Viewed. Born and raised in Downey, California, Perez's career skyrocketed at a young age when he began appearing in commercials for companies such as Nike and Sketchers. Everyone loves spending a lazy weekend cozying up on the couch, watching movies, and eating popcorn.

Spielberg transports you to the battlefields of World War II unlike any movie has ever done before. What are your top favorite movies of all time. What is Princeton's favorite movie? How far is 10,000 steps? It may show the admissions people that you have a strong sense of humor. Asked in Mindless Behavior (band) Your favorite line from a movie (and the movie…

I think they're just testing to see if you're being honest or trying to impress them. Your favorite recording: The Kokoro Toshokan Original Soundtrack 4. Favorite book: The Great Gatsby Favorite website: Wikipedia Favorite recording: "Imagine" Favorite source of inspiration: Skyler, my first friend Favorite quotation:Our history is an aggregate of last moments-Gravity's Rainbow Favorite movie: Of Gods and Generals Two adjectives friends would use to describe you: reflective, human Princeton wants people that give real and honest answers. Wiki User 2012-04-29 04:09:22.

MINE: 1. If your favorite movie is Legally Blond, then put it down. Jacob Anthony Perez, who goes by his stage name, Princeton, is an American singer, actor and dancer.

Princeton Short Answers: 1.

Related Questions. Gates of Heaven(1978) Directed by Errol Morris Roger Ebert mentions this fascinating documentary about pet cemetaries to be among the ten best movies ever made and after two years of searching for the out of print video, I have to agree. Your favorite website: Silicon Sam’s Laser FAQ 3. Princeton, Soundtrack: Cyrus.

I'm pretty sure putting "Ulysses" as your favorite book, Citizen Kane as your favorite movie, and Beethoven's sixth as your favorite recording is the only wrong answer.

What is princetons favorite movie? But given the fact that movie houses release over 700 movies each year, deciding on which movie to watch is not an easy task.

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