Hillary Rodham Clinton. George Walker Bush. George Walker Bush. It pays well, the hours are good, and you are famous.' Crystal Renner on May 30, 2018. In Trend. Israel-Palestine Two-State Solution. Stacker compiled a list of famous speeches from every U.S. president. 9/11 Address to a Joint Session of Congress. George Walker Bush. Our history has experienced many influential speeches, of which the famous top ten … Listen to recordings of speeches online on history.com But we can’t over-look the scientists who chose to study a much different specimen: the computer. We have compiled for you a selection of some of the most famous speeches ever given. Read on to understand what these speeches were about and how they relate to particular moments in U.S. history.

Crystal Renner on May 30, 2018. See more ideas about Inspirational speeches, Steve jobs and Famous speeches. Similar to Jobs, Sheryl Sandberg is a famous dreamer. 2008 Democratic National Convention Address. American technology executive and activist, Sandberg is an author of many wonderful quotes. 7 min. Some people view technology as a great evil that slowly diminishes our humanity, while others view it as a way to bring the world closer together and to … Sep 29, 2015 - Inspirational speeches for kids from the world's top leaders, business tycoons and politicians for kids including Mahatma Gandhi, Steve Jobs, Swami Vivekananda and other top leaders. Stephen Colbert's 2006 commencement speech at Knox College is one of the most oft-read speeches on the Internet. So, political speeches are picked in special words and tones, to impact and convince people’s minds. To the UN Commission on the Status of Women.

9/11 Address to the Nation. Martin Luther King – “I have a dream” Winston Churchill “We shall fight them on the beaches” Winston Churchill “Blood Sweat and Tears” President Kennedy “Man on the moon” … Famous Short Speeches For Your Inspiration. These Great Commencement Speeches Will Change How You Look at Success and Failure. Witness famous speeches and hear timeless words spoken by historical figures. 10 famous computer scientists you should know about Scientists are often thought of as those who study nature or chemistry and make discoveries in medicine. 2002 State of the Union Address. Hillary Rodham Clinton. Speeches can push a soul of enthusiasm into minds and hearts of peoples.

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