Approximately 75% of people with a mental illness report that … Funded by the voter approved Mental Health Services Act (Prop.
Check Out These Mental Illness Statistics and Facts.

By learning mental health facts and dispelling the myths, you can help stop the stigma and end the silence about mental health issues. It’s up to us, the mental health community, to educate others and set the record straight.

Approximately 75% of people with a mental illness report that they have experienced stigma. Fact #3) Between 25 percent and 40 percent of all Americans with mental illness will at … Many factors can lead to mental illness, including genetics, physical illness or injury, and traumatic life experiences. Being vocal about the condition is what helps get … The stigma associated with mental illness is now called “ sanism .” Just like racism or sexism, it is a form of oppression and discrimination.

Stigma leads to fear, mistrust, and violence against people living with mental illness and their families and causes family and friends to turn their backs on people with mental illness. Stigma and discrimination against patients and families prevent people from seeking mental health care Misunderstanding and stigma surrounding mental ill health are widespread.

If you have been personally struggling with conditions that you feel uncomfortable talking about, it is time to change that. ADVOCATES FOR QUALITY MENTAL HEALTH, ALCOHOL & DRUG ABUSE SERVICES Mental Illness and Stigma A Fact Sheet Stigma leads others to avoid living, socializing or working with, renting to, or employing people with mental disorders, especially severe disorders such as schizophrenia (Penn & Martin, 1998; Corrigan & Penn, 1999).

Stigma often brings experiences and feelings of shame, blame, hopelessness, distress, misrepresentation in the media, and reluctance to seek and/or accept necessary help. Many people do not seek treatment for mental illness due to the associated stigma. MYTHS & FACTS: The Stigma of Mental Illness and Resulting Discrimination . Arming yourself with mental illness statistics and facts will help you to better … 63). MYTHS FACTS Mental illness is something that only happens to “other people.” Finding ways to reduce mental illness stigma is important owing to the growth of the same at such an alarming rate. The Facts About Stigma and Discrimination. Only 44% of adults with diagnosable mental illnesses receive treatment. And there is a lot of sanism and misinformation surrounding mental illness still present within our society. In fact, according to a study published in the Journal of Health and Social Behavior: 38% of people do not want to move next door to someone who lives with mental illness.

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