It is based on morals. This study was designed to investigate the factors affecting ethical practices of public relations professionals in public relations firms. These factors compel employees to such an extent that they don’t think twice before behaving in an unethical manner, such as selling unsafe products, keeping customers in the dark, manipulating systems to their own advantage, etc. They include differences in the systems of laws across nations, accepted human resource management systems, organizational culture, and professional cultures and codes of conduct. There are also secondary factors that affect ethical behavior. In particular, the following organizational ethics factors were examined: (1) presence of ethics code, (2) top management support for ethical practice, (3) ethical climate, and (4) perception of the association between career success and ethical practice. The purpose of this case study was to gain an understanding of the factors that encourage unethical practices by organizational leaders in Nigeria despite having ethical leadership skills and knowledge. Ethical behaviour is when someone is being on his or her best behaviour. Ethical factors may influence leaders to make sound decisions to protect the organization for unethical behavior. previous literature on organizational factors that encourage unethical practices by organizational leaders in Nigeria. Ethical behaviour is behaviour that is appropriate. Our objective is not to point out which practices are ethical and which are unethical. Many individual factors affect a person's ethical behavior at work, such as knowledge, values, personal goals, morals and personality. This study was Another reason that can lead to unethical behavior in the workplace is ignorance about the company’s policies. It is choosing the right and good. Factors That Determine Ethical and Unethical Behavior (cont.) Organizational Factors
Can affect influence participants’ behavior. The purpose of this study was to examine if a correlation exists between the independent variables leadership and decision-making, and the dependent variable ethical behavior. In this article we will discuss about the ethical and unethical behaviour at workplace. Ethical behaviour is the right way to behave. • Organization’s Culture – Organization’s culture consists of the shared organizational values. These values reflect what the organization stands for and what it believes in as well as create an environment that influences employee behavior ethically or unethically – E.g.
One of the key sources of organizational influence is the degree of commitment of the organization’s leader to ethical conduct.
This commitment can be communicated through a code of ethics, policy statements, speeches, publications, etc.
shareholder enrichment. Drucker’s

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