Biodiversity: Biodiversity is the richness of life in a biome or habitat. Gradients of species richness (such as latitudinal or altitudinal gradients) have been known since at least the time of Humboldt and Darwin. 2. -> will affect global biodiversity because most species need a particular environment to survive-> areas that were inhabitable may become uninhabitable and vice versa-> may cause an increase/decrease in the range of species in an area -> will increase/decrease biodiversity An ecosystem is the combination of the living and nonliving things in a location. Question: Which environmental factors increase biodiversity? The seven factors that affect biodiversity: 1. Habitat loss- occurs when human activities result in conversion of natural ecosystem to humandominated systems. Climate change is generally more gradual than habitat destruction, but it threatens ecosystem biodiversity because climate strongly influences the kinds of organisms that have adapted to each ecosystem. The type of life of an ecosystem influences the living beings living in that area and their well-being, both on land and in the marine environment. For an ecosystem to function, it depends on a rich variety of organisms, interacting with each order to maintain a balance in that particular ecosystem. Ecosystem Biodiversity: 6 Tips to Increase and Improve It The increase in Biodiversity in the ecosystem Repercussions on living in a favorable environment has many advantages. Direct drivers that explicitly influence ecosystem processes. Natural or human-induced factors that directly or indirectly cause a change in biodiversity are referred to as drivers.. include land use change, climate change, invasive species, overexploitation, and pollution. Biodiversity describes the variety of species that make up an ecosystem. This is a really interesting question with no easy answer.

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