• We believe in life after death and the day of judgment. These factors influence the ethical leader to be act as unethical.

Factors that determine ethical and unethical behaviour Learning objective. Factors that Encourage Unethical Practices by Organizational Leaders in Nigeria by Ebenezer Bankole Odole MBA, University of Manchester, 2011 MS, Norwich University, 2010 PgD, University of Lagos, 2002 BSc, Obafemi Awolowo University, 1998 Dissertation Submitted in Partial Fulfillment of the Requirements for the Degree of Doctor of Philosophy 02/02/18 Criminology Reference this Law Student ... and accountability factors. Factors Affecting Ethical Behavior. Consider several unethical behaviors or incidents that you have personally observed in organizations or learned about in the media.
One of the key sources of organizational influence is the degree of commitment of the organization’s leader to ethical conduct. Organizational Factors
Can affect influence participants’ behavior. • Good deeds will be rewarded and bad will be punished. A model is developed which identifies and describes various factors which affect ethical and unethical behavior in organizations, including a decision-maker's social, government and legal, work, professional and personal environments.

Discuss factors that lead to ethical and unethical behaviour.

• How devoutly a person adheres to these moral codes is a factor defining overall ethical behavior. Leadership is to act purposively and ethically according to the organizational needs. Factors influencing unethical behavior Leonard, Cronan and Kreie (2004) proposed an IT ethical behavioral model that includes individual characteristics (age, gender), attitude, and perceived importance, subjective norm, and situational factors. Religious Beliefs: • Our religious beliefs are the main foundation of our morals, value systems and ethical behavior. Factors that affect employee ethics (cont.) Toor and Ofori (2009) said that collective components of integrity, ethical standards, and strong relationship with employees are most important characteristics of the ethical leaders. Factors Influencing Ethical Behavior Cont… 1.
This commitment can be communicated through a code of ethics, policy statements, speeches, publications, etc.
The Christian worldview holds fundamentally to two central work ethics — humility and the treatment of … What factors determine whether behavior in organizations is ethical or unethical? The effect of individual decision maker attributes on the decision process is also discussed.

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