Definition of a Report Text A report text is a type of document written by someone or group of people to announce the result of an investigation or announce something to the proper authorities. A new text type – Persuasive Texts – will be assessed in the national NAPLAN* tests in May 2011. Following this students participate in a series of language orientations where they are introduced to several key You should be able to distinguish the following five types of expository writing: Cause and Effect. Before discussing about the generic structure of Analytical exposition text, it’s better to know about the definition of it. Exposition can be seen in music, films, television shows, plays, and written text.

Cars should be banned in the city. A famous example is the static title card followed the crawling text in the intro to George Lucas’ Star Wars (1977). Hortatory exposition is a type of spoken or written text that is intended to explain the listeners or readers that something should or should not happen or be done. STRUCTURE: The three parts of a recount are: - An introductory statement (introduction) that presents the writers point of view and previews the arguments to be presented. (Also read : This helps us to understand the background before we meet Luke Skywalker, the main character. The most obvious type of exposition is through the use of text or title cards. Arguments: Presenting arguments in analytical exposition text is as important as giving conflict plot in narrative text.The series of argument will strengthen the thesis stated before. Hortatory exposition text can be found in scientific books, journals, magazines, newspaper articles, academic speech …

The resources include: •Exposition Brainstorm Mindmap + Answer Key: I use this at the beginning of the unit to find out what the students already know about expositions. The reasons an event happens are causes, and the actual event is the effect. This 17 page product contains resources to be used with an exposition or a persuasive argument genre/text type unit. Example of Analytical Exposition Text. The information given in a report text is very general information. The exposition continues as we learn that Luke lives with his uncle, his father is dead, and he doesn't enjoy life on a farm. Hortatory Exposition is a type of English text which represents the author’s attempt to influence the reader to do something or act in a particular way. The title card first introduces the time and space:

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