3. 2. View. An autobiography is a work of literature written by a person about their life.
Computer has turned the world into a global village. All the technical resources provide us with all the information about the world. Suggested Instructional Supports. What personal qualities besides charm seem most evident in … What elements of Franklin's family tradition and upbringing help partially to explain the man's later versatility and achievements?

Elements of a biography include the person’s date of birth, major accomplishments, career summary and an overview of why the person is interesting or important. Identify the elements of biography and autobiography. Identify the text structure authors use in biographies and autobiographies and explain why they use it. We get updated and well informed through computers and internet. Compare similarities and differences between biography and autobiography. How did Benjamin try to improve himself while he was still an indentured apprentice?
CHAPTER: I AUTOBIOGRAPHY: NATURE, ELEMENTS & HISTORY In this rapidly developing world we get a regular access to various media. The length of the biography is also an important element, as it affects the type of information that is appropriate to include.

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