Halo teman temam kali ini saya bercerita tentang sebuah film yang saya tonton dalam bahasa inggris maaf ya teman teman kalau banyak salah saya juga lagi belajar oke terima kasih. Last Friday I saw Avengers: Infinity Wars at MGF Gurugram(Gurgaon). What it may mean for the movie-watching experience on the small screen via Netflix is a whole other thing.

Big screen movie experience is always charming. I was sceptical about chairs moving and vibrating. Going to a cinema to watch a movie or watching a movie at home both offers a fulfilling experience; despite the fact the two differ in terms of their overall entertainment, quality, and cost. A problem with watching movies at home is that it makes the film-watching experience blur into the same experience as surfing cable channels, running a Netflix comedy show in …

- Watching movies has developed into a form of enjoyment for individuals, and families in today’s society. Not as much now as I feel like an alien surrounded by boisterous college students and sometimes crying kids.With my kids relatively grown up, watching movies in theaters has become a calmer experience, as we are pretty much assured of an uninterrupted movie viewing pleasure. Awe inspiring. Watching just about any movie on the big screen is an experience unlike any other. Some of these worlds included aspects of current events, like war, crime, and advances in technology; while others were completely fictional mysteries, romances, and comedies.

Watching a movie in the 1920s was a cheap and easy way to be transported into a world of glitz and glamour, a world of crime, or a world of magic and mystery. While I love staying at home, getting comfortable and laying on the couch with a good movie just as much as the next person, I can’t deny the many benefits of going to the movie theater. I wanted to experience this new tech so ditched Imax 3D and went for 4DX.

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