For example, the findings may show what is good, bad, desirable, or undesirable in the way the project has promoted improved water supply, sanitation, and hygiene/health, in the way people have responded to external interventions. Some features include: introduction, literature review. A considerable degree of variation means research findings were significant. A retrospective chart analysis was

Present or Disseminate the Findings There are a number of questions that a market researcher should ask before writing a report or creating a presentation to share research findings. Analysis of variance: The statistical procedure is used for testing the degree to which two or more vary or differ in an experiment. Reporting Results. Sharing the research findings, which is the next-to-last step in the process, is the one that everyone waits for when conducting market research. Reporting Quantitative Findings . The questionnaire used in this retrospective study was carefully analysed to ensure that the data gathered was presented clearly with the aid of tables, percentages and graphs, where possible. In many contexts, ANOVA testing and variance analysis are similar. The best way to present your quantitative findings is to structure them around research hypothesis or research questions you intended to address as part of your dissertation project.. Report the relevant findings for each of the research questions or hypothesis with a focus on how you analysed them. Research paper formats vary across disciples but share certain features. The level and scope of content depends on to whom the report is intended, e.g., to funders / bankers, employees, clients, customers, the public, etc. Record conclusions and recommendations in a report, and associate interpretations to justify your conclusions or recommendations. The values of the study team and other stakeholders are brought to bear on the study findings. and why. CHAPTER 4 Data analysis and findings 4.1 INTRODUCTION This chapter discusses the data analysis and findings of the study. Analyzing Data and Communicating Results.

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