Consequently, Mackie challenges general meanings commonly associated with the three ideals and how they are used to advance the view that God exists. Philosophy (Mackie) STUDY. Start studying evil and omnipotence.

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Premise 2. An omnipotent (all-powerful) God would be able to prevent unnecessary evil/suffering.

Evil and Omnipotence.

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Being able to choose evil, does not make one free. PLAY. 1. An omniscient (all-knowing) God would be aware of all the unnecessary evil/suffering that has occurred, is occurring and will occur in the future. The Problem of Evil: Augustine 47 terms But the theologian can, if he wishes, accept this criticism. For every small bit of evil, there will be a greater good, but for that greater good, there will be someone equally evil, etc.

Either God is not omnipotent, your definition of omnipotence varies-restricting certain abilities, OR evil doesn't exist. Adequate Solutions for why evil exists-deny Gods omnipotence-Evil is an illusion-Evil is a privation of good.


What is Mackie's priary claim, that is, ... Good means that which is opposed to evil and will eliminate it to the degree it can; omnipotence is having the ability to …

Therefore, he asserts that good, evil, and God’s omnipotence are principles which are not connected in any way. PLAY. EVIL AND OMNIPOTENCE By J. L. Mackie University of Sydney.

Choose from 236 different sets of omnipotent flashcards on Quizlet. Premise 1. God and evil are incompatible. PLAY. Evil and Omnipotence.

The traditional arguments for the existence of God have been fairly thoroughly criticised by philosophers.

"Evil is necessary as a means to good" 3.

He can admit that no rational proof of God's existence is possible. "Good cannot exist without evil" 2. How does he respond to the claim that evil is due to human free will? Learn omnipotence with free interactive flashcards.

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