General Capabilities . Cross-Curriculum Priorities. The IB aspires to help schools develop well- Economics and Business Education. Ethical Understanding learning continuum Sub-element Level 1 Typically, by the end of Foundation Year, students: Level 2 Typically, by the end of Year 2, students: Level 3 Typically, by the end of Year 4, students: Level 4 Typically, by the end of Year 6, students: Level 5 Typically, by the end of Year 8, students: Level 6 Typically, by the end of View. The key ideas for Ethical Understanding are organised into three interrelated elements in the learning continuum as shown in the figure below. Sub-element Level 1 Typically, by the end of Foundation Year, students: Level 2 Typically, by the end of Year 2, Typically by the end of Foundation Year, students: Recognise ethical concepts. December 2005 ; Journal of Marketing Education 27(3):250-263; DOI: 10.1177/0273475305279657. Formal learning Formal learning occurs as a result of experiences in an education or training institution, with structured learning objectives, learning time and support which leads to certification.

We challenge students to excel in their studies and in their personal growth. In developing and acting with ethical understanding, students: reason and make ethical decisions; consider consequences; reflect on ethical action. James Warren … Asia and Australia's Engagement with Asia. Learning about world views, religions and philosophical thought. The Early Years Learning Framework ... Learning continuum View All Level 1. Non-formal learning Non-formal learning is not provided by an education or training institution and typically does It can be used to support the planning of teaching, learning and assessment for students in Prep – Year 10. Geography Education. The IB continuum of international education for 3-19 year olds is unique because of its academic and personal rigour. Organising elements for Ethical Understanding . Formal learning is intentional from the learner’s perspective.

Students articulate understandings of a range of ethical responses in social contexts. Humanities and Social Sciences Learning Area in the Curriculum. AC Ethical Understanding Learning Continuum © Australian Curriculum, Assessment and Reporting Authority. Intercultural Understanding. Students develop the capacity to apply this broad understanding to the investigation of ethical … In Ethical capability, students are introduced to different religions and world views and a range of relevant philosophers and/or schools of thought. Ethical understanding Introduction In the Australian Curriculum, students develop ethical understanding as they identify and investigate the nature of ethical concepts, values and character traits, and understand how reasoning can assist ethical judgment. This resource provides a sequence of learning for Ethical understanding from the Australian Curriculum General capabilities. Humanities Organisation. This element involves students developing an understanding of ethical concepts and issues. Ethical Understanding ... Learning continuum; In the learning areas; PDF documents; Learning continuum. History Education. Return to the Framework Library. Sustainability. Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander histories and cultures. Events.

Learning Continuum We aim to inspire a quest for learning throughout life that is marked by enthusiasm and empathy. Understanding ethical concepts and issues. Understanding ethical concepts and issues. The Reflective Learning Continuum: Reflecting on Reflection.

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