Emilia Bassano: a Black Jewish Woman Wrote Shakespeare? Emilia Bassano: Shakespeare’s Muse and Feminist Icon Riana Dixon in Sex & Love on 15 April, 2019. In fact, the Shakespearean Authorship Trust notes that Bassano became the "first woman to publish a book of… That she lived from 1569-1645, was the daughter of an Italian court musician, a published poet, a mother, a teacher and … W hat do we know of Emilia Bassano?

Emilia Bassano's story is an interesting one to tell but I'm not sure how much of it is based in fact. The meme says: “Amelia Bassano is the lady who wrote all of Shakespeare’s plays. Emilia Lanyer lived during the time of Queen Elizabeth I and two other monarchs. SHAKESPEARE WROTE THE PLAYS OF SHAKESPEARE. In Emilia, the playwright Morgan Lloyd Malcolm goes a step further: Her Shakespeare is a plagiarist who uses Bassano’s words for Emilia’s famous defense of women in Othello. It wasn’t. SHAKESPEARE WROTE THE PLAYS OF SHAKESPEARE. By Charlene Ball Who was Emilia Bassano Lanyer, and why does she matter? We are all Emilia.

Listen to them. Playwriting in Elizabethan England is not the same as it is today. Bassano family, being named Bassano, Lupo or Lanier (M.Wilson 187-8). Emilia Bassano: First published female poet and Shakespeare's muse 1/5 Director Nicole Charles in rehearsal for Morgan Lloyd Malcolm's new play Emilia, at Shakespeare's Globe

In his book Shakespeare’s Secret Messiah, Joseph Atwill argues that the Shakespeare plays were written by Emilia Bassano Lanier, who he believes was secretly Jewish.Emilia’s father, Baptista Bassano, had emigrated to London from Venice to become a musician for the Tudor court. Elizabeth Winkler’s inquiry into Emilia Bassano’s possible role in the creation of Shakespeare’s work has prompted interest, enthusiasm, and dissent.

The people of the time were just as eager to have their own name on their own poetry as today! A Moorish woman did. During her many years of being kept in ‘great pomp’ as Lord Hunsdon’s mis-tress,2 Amelia had an unrivalled opportunity to learn about the theater and Court Some have even suggested that Bassano may have been Shakespeare's mistress at some point. She published a book of poetry in 1611 called Salve Deus Rex Judaeorum, in which the title poem makes a strong argument for women’s… Growing up with the privilege to circle in Elizabethan courts after her father’s death, she garnered the attention of Henry Carey, Queen Elizabeth I’s lord chamberlain. If you are even slightly familiar with the sonnets of William Shakespeare, you will know that an elusive figure, referred to as the ‘dark lady’, is mentioned in many of the poems.

If you believe that Shakespeare was not Shakespeare, but Francis Bacon, or Walter Raleigh, or the Earl of Oxford, or Christopher Marlowe, or even Emilia Bassano Lanier, then you have succumbed to a conspiracy theory. Emilia and her sisters reach out to us across the centuries with passion, fury, laughter and song. A Moorish woman did. Emilia Bassano was born in London in 1569 to a family of Venetian immigrants. Amelia Bassano: The True Shakespeare? Five responses expand the … She seems just as likely as any of the other candidates to this ridiculous conspiracy theory. A meme going around Facebook in South Africa claims that a woman named “Amelia Bassano” was the real writer of all of William Shakespeare’s plays.. She was one of the first published female poets in England. Amelia Bassano Lanier as Shakespeare….. Amelia (Aemilia) Bassano (later Emilia Lanier) was indeed a published author, not someone whose work was suppressed because of her race or gender.

Yet Lanyer could not be further from either Shakespeare’s sensuous dark lady or his Emilia, whose ‘feminist’ defence in the 1623 Folio claims for women a sexual appetite and capacity for ‘revenge’ equal to men’s (4.3.85–102). Not fast enough.

Emilia Bassano was born in London in 1569 to a family of Venetian immigrants. SHAKESPEARE WROTE THE PLAYS OF SHAKESPEARE. Shakespeare, didn’t write his plays.

The people of the time were just as eager to have their own name on their own poetry as today! ... First, Aemilia Bassano (later Emilia Lanier) was indeed a published author, not someone whose work was suppressed because of her race or gender. ‘Was Shakespeare a Woman?’ Elizabeth Winkler asks in the new issue of The Atlantic.Of course he was.

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