Biologists estimate that species extinctions are currently 500–1000 times the normal, or background, rate seen previously in Earth’s history. The package includes column charts in the shape of an hourglass, a bottle and a glass of wine, a thermometer, a pyramid, batteries and more. Get your hands on stock photos, video templates and fonts for your next project with Envato Elements. Download unlimited digital assets with a single subscription. For example, Turner (1999), using the similar term “insurance value” rather than “option value”, observes that “the number of species … serves as a valuable index of ecosystem reliability. Despite this, our understanding of the underlying concepts varies greatly, between and within disciplines as well as among the scientists themselves. to create biodiversity, it helps us understand different aspects of biodiversity. The levels of organization of biodiversity include ecosystems, species and genes. While process considerations clearly support biodiversity conservation, the maintenance of option values based on elements of biodiversity also ensures processes and services. Biodiversity' is one of the most common keywords used in environmental sciences, spanning from research to management, nature conservation, and consultancy. The bar charts can be illustrated into a laptop screen, pills, coins, batteries and more. Evidence from chemical analysis and measurements of radioactive elements in Origins of Life on Earth4.7-4.8 Billion Year History. Natural heritage refers to the sum total of the elements of biodiversity, including flora and fauna, ecosystems and geological structures.. Heritage is that which is inherited from past generations, maintained in the present, and bestowed to future generations. 5.3 Importance of Biodiversity The Biodiversity Crisis. This freebie by Showeet includes over 40 editable elements which you can use for creating a PowerPoint infographic. • An ecosystem is a dynamic complex of plant, animal and microorganism communities and non-living (abiotic) elements, all interacting as a … The term "natural heritage", derived from "natural inheritance", pre-dates the term "biodiversity." Evolution and Biodiversity . The current high rates will cause a precipitous decline in the biodiversity of the planet in the next century or two. Our activities to conserve biodiversity are carried out in accordance with the following principles: The NEC Group understands the important role that biodiversity plays in building a sustainable society and places the highest value on international charters and frameworks concerned with conserving biodiversity.

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