With increased urbanization, there is a lot more light that shines at night. Fourth, urbanization drives innovation, including green technologies. This view has led many developing countries to limit rural - urban migration and curb urban expansion. Human beings have become an increasingly powerful environmental force over the last 10,000 years. Due to this urbanization, many towns and cities have grown dramatically in terms of geography and population. Tech Urban and Regional Planning 5th Sem, Guru Ram Das School of Planning, Guru Nanak Dev University, Amritsar, (Punjab), INDIA (Corresponding author: Mohit Singh Rai) (Received 26 December, 2016 accepted 15 January, 2017) (Published by Research Trend, Website: www.researchtrend.net) ABSTRACT: Urbanization refers to … Urban areas suffer from serious problems of environmental pollution. How Does Urbanization Affect the Environment?

main effect of urbanization, arguing that major cities homogenize the physical environment in their attempt to meet the narrow needs of human beings without regard for indigenous species.McKinney identifies key challenges such as human disconnection from the natural environment which is a disadvantage of urbanization. Air pollution, increased greenhouse gas emissions, and the “heat island effect” are all a result of increased urbanization.

The effects of urbanization started to appear in terms of a decrease in quality life, an increase in pollution, and other problems. As cities continue to sprawl outwards, it’s obvious that nature has to make some sacrifices.

Urbanization allows more people to have access to environment-friendly facilities and services at affordable prices. emphasizes on the effect of urbanization on environmental components mainly public health and habitat, climate, biosphere, land and water resources. Urbanization impacts the environment through the strain of resources, including food, water, energy and the land itself, which increases as the population within the urban area increases. On Environment. Urbanization yields several positive effects if it happens within the appropriate limits.

Using environmentally friendly landscape supply as well as approaches with greenery will immediately begin to reverse the negative environmental issues in relation to urbanization. Solid waste generation in urban areas is … Even at present many people are moving towards cities and urbanization is in full swing.

As the resources within a particular urban area are depleted, the area is expanded to accommodate further population growth and provide access to greater resources, leaving … We develop new algorithms for processing this data, apply spatial statistical analysis to viii. I have noticed a city which was so cool and clean two decades ago become warm and dusty now. National policy has significantly promoted the coordinated development of urbanization and environmental protection, although there was a lag effect. Some of the positive implications of urbanization therefore include creation of employment opportunities, technological and infrastructural advancements, improved transportation and communication, quality educational and medical facilities, and improved standards of living.

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