Image source: Maret Hosemann / Flickr. Animals develop a better sense of hearing than us since their survival depends on it. Sometimes these animals migrate to another ecosystem which is completely differing from their natural habitat, as a result, they die due to an unsuitable environment. That old expression, "the early bird gets the worm," turns out to be truer than ever in urban settings today. Increase in heart rate and hearing loss are some of the effects of noise pollution on animals. Some other effects on animals include: How noise pollution is changing animal behaviour Editions Noise pollution can cause health problems for people and wildlife, both on land and in the sea. Effects of Noise on Wildlife. Consequently, anthropogenic noise must be considered as a serious form of environmental change and pollution as it affects both aquatic and terrestrial species. Several animals like dogs and birds have hearing abilities higher than that of human beings. Effects of Noise Pollution on Humans Health and Animals.

Noise pollution, whether on land or under water, can affect animals in interesting – and not always positive – ways.

As a result of this, these animals are migrating to another habitat for comfortable feeding. Besides that it can also affect the distribution of fish, noise pollution also affects the reproduction process of fish because it causes stress, limits their ability to find partners or keep them away from the location of laying eggs. Noise pollution is affecting the hearing power of animals quite badly. They have a more sensitive ear and as a result are more easily susceptible to the harmful impacts of excess noise. Wildlife faces far more problems than humans because of noise pollution since they are more dependent on sound. Sounds produced by vehicles, oil and gas fields and urban sprawl interfere with the way animals communicate, mate and prey on one another.

The Adverse Effects of Noise Pollution on Human and Animal Health Noise pollution effects on human health, such as hearing loss and cardiovascular diseases, can bring day-to-day activities to a standstill. Noise pollution could potentially interfere with other acoustic predators, such as owls, in a similar fashion. Noise pollution is becoming a major threat to the welfare of wildlife, according to a scientific review.
A great gray owl sits perched on a tree branch surveying its surroundings. Although people do suffer from the effects of noise pollution, there is something worse. Southall et al. From traffic noise to rock concerts, loud or inescapable sounds can cause hearing loss, stress, and high blood pressure. The ill effects of excessive noise begin at home. Noise Pollution Is Not Well Recognized But It’s Effect on Nature Is Huge The media has started to pay more attention to animal welfare, exposing not only hunting and deforestation but festivals and social activities in which all manner of animals are treated poorly and slaughtered. Noise pollution, whether on land or under water, can affect animals in interesting – and not always positive – ways.
As the animals being hunted by the bats are themselves predators, the study noted that ‘the noise impact on the bats ’ foraging performance will have complex effects on the food web and ultimately on the ecosystem stability’. Acoustic masking is considered to be one of the main effects of noise pollution on marine animals [7,45,46,47]. This presents a problem to residents and animals in the surrounding areas. Photo by Joe Medley. Noise pollution refers to sound that is annoying, a nuisance or undesired for to the ears and that which can impact the activity or behavior of animal and human life. Thus, the effects of anthropogenic noise can be explained by the majority of species responding to noise rather than a few species being particularly sensitive to noise.

The effects of ocean noise pollution on other marine animals is causing the fish population to decline.

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