Gender and sex need to be understood allowing us to appreciate how biological and sociological factors contribute to health inequalities amongst men and women. impact on health. Women experience inequality in relation to a number of factors: income; employment; education; housing; health; social mobility; Income. The European Union has launched a number of initiatives to try to redress the gender imbalance and its effects, such as the inclusion of gender equality in the European Pillar of Social Rights. Gender inequality. Health and health equity should be supported by national governments, and health equity should be one of the key performance indicators of the country.

Gender Inequalities in Health and Illness.
This essay will look at the gender inequalities in health and illness statically. Method: This compilation was conducted to investigate the effects of gender inequality on women’s health.

How Gender Inequality Affects Healthcare for Women Although great strides are being made in the field of health care and maternal health in developing countries, discrimination against women and girls still occurs in many cultures, having a negative effect on families living in poverty. Health inequalities negatively affect the population who have experienced higher difficulty to health on the ground of their gender identity, religion, racial or ethnic group, age, socioeconomic status, mental health, physical disability, geographical location and other factors that is linked to discrimination. Gender inequalities are created by society and therefore can be changed. The status of the women has improved over the past century, but not in all countries; there are many new challenges for the improvement of life and the elimination of gender inequalities. This essay will also look at how women live longer than men and what diseases and mental health symptoms affect both men and women in … Gender refers to ‘socially created characteristics of men and women whilst sex refers to the biological differences between men and women’ (Letherby, G. 2005).
Factors such as Biological, social, cultural and economical show variance on the impact they have on men and women, they are seen …

Further, gender role conflicts, total workload, and unpaid work have potential adverse effects on women’s wellbeing and long-term health.

The aim of the present study is to quantify the relations between gender inequalities in mortality by selected causes of mortality and between competitiveness of Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) countries. On …

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