Edmund Optics® offers a series of metallic coatings for applications using wavelengths ranging from 120nm to beyond 10μm. Mirror Type: Right Angle Mirror. Search by specification.

... 76.2 x 101.6 mm PFL 45 Degree Off-Axis Parabolic Aluminum Mirror. Edmund Optics uses cookies to optimize and enhance the features and content on our website. Toggle navigation. Rectangular first surface mirrors are ideal for applications requiring the mirror to be mounted at 45° in order to produce a 90° bend in the light path. More details for 30-875 can be seen below. The 30-875 from Edmund Optics is a Optical Mirror with Wavelength Range 400 to 700 nm, Mirror Thickness 5 mm. Wavelength Range: 400 to 700 nm. +44 (0)1904 788600. Mirror Diameter: 76.2 mm. Selected filters - Companies : Edmund Optics, Page-1. Metallic mirror coatings are optimized for different regions of the spectrum. RoHS COMPLIANT REV.

Edmund Optics offers off-axis parabolic mirrors with Protected Gold, Bare Gold, Protected Aluminum, UV Enhanced Aluminum, and Protected Silver coatings (Figure 3). A S1 S2 SHAPE CONCAVE CONVEX RADIUS 100mm 100mm APERTURE f/1 N/A EFFECTIVE FOCAL LENGTH 50mm N/A FOCAL LENGTH TOLERANCE ±2% N/A SURFACE QUALITY 80-50 N/A 43470 50mm Dia. Edmund Optics Inc. Datasheets for Optical Mirrors Optical mirrors have a smooth, highly-polished, plane or curved surface for reflecting light. Edmund Optics Inc.Request Info Off-Axis Parabolic First Surface Metal Mirrors from Edmund Optics Inc. are used in broadband VIS and IR applications, with each mirror interferomically tested. S1: Protected Aluminum R(avg) >85% @ 400 - 700nm R(avg) >90% @ 400 - 2000nm S2: NONE 3. Silver metallic mirror coatings, often used in broadband laser applications, offer high reflectivity from 500 – 800nm. TECHSPEC Aluminum Off-Axis Parabolic Mirrors used in cost-sensitive light focusing applications that require low scatter are available at Edmund Optics. Figure 3: Typical metallic mirror coating reflectance curves Choosing the proper reflective coating option ensures high reflectivity of the needed wavelength or wavelength range. Call Now! Edmund Optics offers a range of laser, flat, metal substrate, focusing, or specialty Optical Mirrors in a multitude of reflective coating options, including Protected Aluminum, Enhanced Aluminum, Protected Silver, Protected Gold, or Dielectric. Reflection coating options include Silver, Gold, or Dielectric. Edmund Optics’ Infrared Mirrors are available from the Near-Infrared (NIR) to the Longwave Infrared (LWIR). The mirrors feature a surface roughness down to 50Å RMS. FINE GROUND SURFACE 4.

Additionally, Cube Beamsplitter Mounts can be connected to cage system tubes utilizing the … Usually, the reflecting surface is a thin coating of silver, or aluminum … 10 x 10mm Enhanced Aluminum, 4-6λ Mirror ... and rectangular dimensions. 1428 Optical Mirrors from Edmund Optics listed on GoPhotonics. Designed to fit within the inner diameter of 25mm and 30mm standard cage system plates, TECHSPEC® Cage System Fixed Optical Mounts are ideal for mounting beamsplitters and additional optical components.The #85-699 45° Plate Beamsplitter Mount can also fit within #85-695 25.4mm Kinematic Mount. Aluminum optics used in optics and photonics applications are available at Edmund Optics Edmund Optics uses cookies to optimize and enhance the features and content on our website.

Our standard metallic mirror coatings include Protected Aluminum, Enhanced Aluminum, UV Enhanced Aluminum, DUV Enhanced Aluminum, Bare Gold, Protected Gold, and Protected Silver.

... start now. The Off-Axis Parabolic Mirror Selection (OAP) Guide refines your search for an OAP mirror from Edmund Optics.

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