• Information, independent thought, and freedom are restricted. dystopia to rise. – This results in a shift in emphasis of control, from the good old days to corporations, totalitarian dictatorships or bureaucracies. A series of lesson resources that I created as part of a SOW on Dystopian Fiction.

About This Quiz & Worksheet. Identify one characteristic that can be seen in the protagonist of your novel.

Known as one of the most iconic advertisements of the 20th century, Macintosh's "1984" commercial has become more of a social statement. Dystopian World Building Worksheet: Part I My revision letter and first line edits just arrived for EYE OF THE STORM, my upper-MG dystopian novel coming out with Walker/Bloomsbury in 2012. Types: Projects, Activities, Assessment.

The materials will provide a great introduction or . • Citizens have a fear of the outside world. About This Quiz & Worksheet. They often take place in post-apocalyptic settings.

$5.00. Students should have a good understanding of dystopias before assig . Welcome to Dystopia*Dystopian Fiction Teaching Resources*This resource provides students with the frame of reference and context they need in order to understand the context of dystopian novels and short stories. Decoding the Dystopian Characteristics of Macintosh’s “1984” Commercial For Teachers 9th - 12th Standards. This quiz/worksheet looks at the traits of dystopian societies. Numerous stories have been written utilizing the context of either a utopia or dystopia to provide a basic element with which to develop a plot and characters. Ultimately, they create four end-products: encyclopedia entry, creative story, promo/commercial, and presentation. • Citizens are perceived to be under constant surveillance. TYPE: EVIDENCE FROM THE STORY: EXPLANATION: DYSTOPIAN LITERATURE CIRCLES For the next three weeks, we will be completing a literature … Dystopian science fiction shows the dangerous outcomes of the unrestrained use of technology and science. Texts studied include The Hunger Games, The Lottery, Nineteen Eighty-Four, Harrison Bergeron, Examination Day. Name the characteristic, list the evidence from the story that supports your choice, and explain your reasoning. • A figurehead or concept is worshipped by the citizens of the society. • Citizens live in a dehumanized state. I’ve been dying to get back to this book, but before I touch the manuscript to make a single change, I’m going to be writing many, many pages of world-building thoughts. Browse dystopia vs utopia resources on Teachers Pay Teachers, a marketplace trusted by millions of teachers for original educational resources. The harder the times, the more people yearn for dystopia, so it seems.

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