Thesis Statement: Drinking and driving is an issue that most seem to ignore and think it doesn’t affect us but what if one day it did? These deaths have fallen by a third in the last three decades; however, drunk-driving crashes claim more than 10,000 lives per year.

If only the world opened up their eyes to the seriousness of drunk driving, the deaths and casualties because of this action could decline. I. Katie Ideal Thompson * Drinking and driving * Specific Purpose: To persuade my classmates to not get behind the wheel after drinking. Is Drunk Driving worth losing your life? On impact, she was pinned between two vehicles. A drunk driver hit my sister-in-law 20 years ago. Alternatives Public transit . Steps. Consider this scenario: you’re out at the bar with a group of friends. Not only does drunk driving endanger your life and everyone else's on the roads, it's illegal, and you can be arrested for it and even lose your driver's license.
Administrative License Suspension Because the consequences of a DUI conviction can be so severe, many defendants have taken their cases to trial (one of the unintended consequences of harsh penalties). Clearly, laws against drunk driving, enforced by the police and adjudicated by the courts, must play a leading role in the effort to keep people from driving while drunk. Strategies to Reduce or Prevent Drunk Driving To prevent drunk driving, making a plan for a sober designated driver ahead of time with everyone agreeing to it is best. Drunk driving is avoidable if you exercise precautions and self-awareness to stay safe. Drunk Driving Solutions, Daytona Beach, FL. Method 1 of 3: Designating a Driver 1. Driving with a blood alcohol level of .08 or more is a crime. Taking the bus or the metro, when possible, makes things easier. Drunk Driving Solution. You’re the designated driver, but that doesn’t mean you have to sit around sipping on soda all evening.  Intoxicated Driving: Can Technology make it Impossible English 111-2DE Problem-Solution Essay Intoxicated Driving: Can Technology make it Impossible Drinking and driving has affected many of my friends and family and myself.

This way, no one, while drunk, has access to a vehicle. Ignition interlocks are tests required to start a car which measure a persons BAC and determine whether they are sober enough to drive. Three possible solutions to the problem of drunk driving are using ignition interlocks, sobriety checkpoints, or ad campaigns. Historically, the BAC for automatic categorization as “drunk driving” was .15%. The important thing is to think about it before heading out. Problem Solution Essays On Drunk Driving. Have everyone who is not the DD, and will be drinking, place their car keys into a cup and hide them away in a cabinet or closet. The most effective way to stop drunk driving is to prevent it from happening in the first place. There are tips for stopping drunk driving that are effective in keeping your friends and family safe, from ruining lives and …
You may also be unable to adequately operate a motor vehicle with a much lower level, which puts the driver and others at risk. First of all, America has had a problem with drunk driving since Ford perfected the assembly line.

Every day, almost 30 people in the United States die in drunk-driving crashes — that's one person every 50 minutes. Designating a driver is a very popular tactic to avoid drinking and driving. Drunk driving is an excellent example of both the need and the opportunity for prevention to be comprehensive. If you are going out and intend to drink alcohol, leave your car at home and choose an alternative. Behaviours – Drinking and Driving Responsibilities and Smart Solutions. Plan in advance. Protect yourself from the dangers of drinking and driving.

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